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China Airlines Freight 747 Touches Down in Grass at Chicago

A China Airlines Freight flight on an ILS approach to ORD 10L touched down on soft ground, hitting a wind sock. The aircraft went around and safely landed with minor damage later. ( 更多...

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This is the most pathetic collection of posts Ive seen on FlightAware. This is an aviation website, Please refrain from your boring political stupidity and stick to the subject at hand, please. Landing a 747 in the grass is serious matter. Perhaps if you were on that flight you would think differently about it. It would be interesting to see the results of the investigation of this matter if there was one.
Jeffrey Bue 1
It's really easy... just don't feed the trolls... downvote the dumbass comments and move on.
Bill James 13
Guys, guys . . . . step back and look at yourselves . I grew up in the 50's and into the 60's. We teased each other mercilessly on just about every subject and never shared a
n ill word . . . .

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Charles Adams -3
Look in the mirror to see the problem. It's easy.
Peter Steitz 12
Not a single comment about the actual event. This is out of control. I down voted everyone except Bill James.

RECOR10 just had to bring in politics.

You guys need to get a life.

This is a board about aviation. I believe we all know the Chinese and other Asian aviators have less then a stellar record. Their culture is very different from ours. Their training might be sub par. I only know what I read but I flew three years all over the western Pacific from Japan to The Philippines back in the 70's. Never had a problem. Aviators were skilled and very professional. Maybe it's this new generation of pilots? Too much automation? Lost skills?
sensfan2513 8's some of the usual suspects. RECOR, Rob, and Gerardo. Any excuse to smash "political correctness" or "liberals". And I mean *any*. Doesn't even have to make sense.
Jason Chiu 3
At least Bill is creating useful statistics ...
You are Right all the way!!!
You who?

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I don't know what you mean. We have a forum where I can down vote. That's not censure. I can't remove any post. This is not our FB friend Zuck.
Meant to say censor. It is censure.

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I will repeat in case you were not listening the first time. It is my opinion that the comments on an aviation forum should be relevant to the topic. Quite a few others agree. I cannot censor but can and will express an opinion and use the up and down thumb. That's called censure on this forum. It has nothing to do with the legal use of censure as in the political arena. FB found itself in trouble by censoring posts that didn't match their philosophy. When caught, they swiftly made changes to their policies. Flight Aware, as the owner of this website, can censor but has decided to let us express any and all thoughts. I can choose to either read this or not. I can express an opinion.
RECOR10 -3
Peter, no matter the leanings of those posting. By and large we as all have an interest and or profession in aviation. We are also I would bet in the top 5% of educated and well taught people who are also competent thinkers. I get an odd feeling that if any one person on this forum and I were at breakfast none of the jargon would come up and a comment about "Some Ting Wong" would be laughed at by all.
RECOR10 -4
Wait, where did I bring up politics? There was not a word at all about US politics. Just stating a fact that no matter what anyone says, someone will get offended (and it seems the current course of action of those who are so poorly able to form cognizant thought on their own, in turn blame their idiotic level of being offended on the right (or is the "Right"?) - no matter what, I am right. It is proven.

Hell, just Tuesday of last week we fired a staff member for being "offended"...simply, Aint no body got time for that!!!!
5 days ago you stated "Oddly, unlike what seems to be most of the left leaning losers". Guess you don't read or remember your own posts? I also noticed that several members got voted down by having too many thumbs down. We are self censured.
RECOR10 -4
Not on this thread...but, then again, I do have a penchant for not having folks like that around day to day. Hell, we fired a woman for being offended just last week (if you count a 22 year old cry baby a "woman"). I guess in college it was never so hard (compared to working the front desk at a PCP's office). It is quite hard to hire entry level people these days. Kids straight out of college are just preying on a reason to get offended (yes, preying, not praying).
Peter Steitz -1
RECOR10, we finally agree on something.
WeatherWise 1
It's all Kris Durbin's fault for posting this and making us fight. GET HIM! ;)
Yeah, it's all his fault! ;)
jptq63 1
First, no major serious (i.e. no deaths or destroyed aircraft - seems minor damage only - wind sock, some runway cleaning...) event to life and property; obvious 2nd 9or later) landing was uneventful.... 2nd, as pointed out by another already, learning from the event - i.e. why and how it happened and how to prevent... -- is now the critical work to be done and what I would like to learn more myself. Items I note from article and makes me wonder are: ILS approach vs. visual? No info on pilot experience with either aircraft or airport -- i.e. was it 3 experienced pilots training a new one, etc... see this with my son as he is just starting to learn (40+ hours) / earn his private and listen to him not lining up center line on his check-out a few days ago. Figure other may have more reasonable ideas on what is know fact, some typical possible events, and a few reasonable what-ifs / this condition gets you this event(s) given limits info. Again, from article info, seems the wind sock is quite a way down the runway from where I would think the aircraft should have made touch down.
This could've been a good article but went off the rails even before it was published. Yikes.
Grass between runways at ORD not green, just a light brown.
Dean Skora 3
Not this summer. Everything is green (too much rain)

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WeatherWise 3
Or maybe because "the joke" has been used so many times, that not only is it offensive but just plain stupid.
Kris Durbin 6
Overused and stale, yes; offensive, give me a break. Everything offends somebody these days. Get over it.
btweston 1
Blatant racism? No big deal, right?

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Rob Gilbert -8
He might be weather wise but is PC foolish

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RECOR10 -3
Plus WeatherWise, what did a clown do to you? Why are THEY okay to defame but a steretypical joke is not. Please Please Please do NOT watch the movie "Airplane", it may just send you over the edge.....
WeatherWise 0
I LOVE clowns, especially scary ones. And of course I've watched "Airplane"...several times! Note my profile pic. It's just a school yard brawl. I was surprised to see this thread was still here.

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WeatherWise 4
Nice being able to safely sit behind your computer screen and bad mouth people, isn't it? Because you certainly wouldn't say it to my face. You know I'm a "leftist ruining our country"? Look at your president and say that with a straight face. No, I don't claim any party or position. You don't have to be Left or Right to recognize a pile of shit. So anytime you want to shut me the f up, let me know.
mariofer -4
I like clowns........

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Someone beat you to it in the comments section of the Aviation Herald.
Bob Keeping -9
What - are they using metric glide slope indicators? Maybe the beads stuck on the abacus



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