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Rolls-Royce Says Boeing 787 Groundings Will Get Worse

The spike will occur ahead of a deadline next month for mandated inspections forced by durability problems, Rolls said in an emailed statement. The number of parked Dreamliners is expected to peak at about 50 from the current level of 35, a person familiar with the matter said, as the aircraft await repairs. ( 更多...

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bartmiller 3
The recent pressure for engine efficiency has been insane. There are just too many new engine designs with too aggressive of performance parameters.

New technologies take time to mature, and all new technologies have teething pains. Every new introduction of engine design or materials will come with problems. If you keep introducing new technologies so frequently, you will also have a steady stream of problems.
Same with battery technologies. Generally its way better to introduce and do real life application testing with ONE new technology at the time.
chalet 2
If the faulty engines are still on guarantee/warranty RR should be facing BILLIONS of dollars in claims and hundreds of lawyers in waiting. They never learned the lesson that rushing a new product out to the marketplace, any kind, before testing the hell out of is going to snap right back at you and bite you to pieces. GM, Ford, Toyota, Chrysler etc. are still recalling cars by the millions. Seems like the marketing guys trampled over the bodies of of engineering and beancounters causing billions of dollars in unrecoverable costs to their company.
Greg Zelna 2
Is this not the same engine that suffered a catastrophic, uncontained compressor disc failure on the test stand at the RR factory ?! Actually damaged the test facility and put it out of commission if I recall....This was a few years back during the 787 development. I'm an avionics guy, not powerplants- seems to me though that if you cannot even get through test of what is believed to be a production worthy design w/o catastrophic failures- you have a significant design issue and one that has obviously not yet been corrected.....
?!? I’m nonplussed. How do you figure a pre-production test engine and one that is in revenue service are both “the same engine” design?
The new philosophy with aerospace manufacturers similar to automotive companies of choosing suppliers with only the lowest bid as criteria is starting to backfire.
Switch to GE, at least FAA will be more lax on inspection deadlines.
GE has less technical problems and AD's than RR engines and they manage them in a more proactive manner. That is based on 30 years working with both engine types at an airline.
And P&W is having their share of problems with their GTF engines, grounding far more aircraft than the RR fiasco is (Airbus is parking completed, engine-less airframes). So the big three engine manufacturers (RR, GE and P&W) are all battling reliability issues.
John Watson 2
Does not instill confidence in twin engined operations over oceans either.
Tom Zaidman 2
I fully agree with you, for years I have had my doubts of safety over long flights with two engines especially over water.And now its the norm. The Airbus 340 and Boeing's 747 soon out of service on all major airlines.
Greg Zelna 1
Agreed, never got a particularly warm fuzzy feeling about being 3+ hours from nearest land, with two engines.......
Still, trillions of ETOPS flight hours have been flown ...

: )
wavagp 1
I have to wonder why these aircraft cant be fitted with GE's. Fifty airframes parked is unbelievable!! C'mon Boeing!
Mark Duell 1
During development they abandoned the common attach points.
chalet 1
Paraphrasing Sir Winston: never in the history of commercial aviation the two largest by far and most important commercial jet engine manufacturers whose power plants account for 95% of engines installed on jetliners, are suffering serious financial traits, RR due to profoundly serious design, materials, reliability problems of their Trent engines propelling Boeing 787 aircraft of which 50 (yes FIFTY) of them are grounded all over waiting for fixes, and counting.
I'm surprised that all these manufacturers are having these problems. You would think they could build an engine that is more reliable.
Perhaps if both companies could spend the legal and insurance funding on actual testing, engineering, and meaningful stuff.......
GE no better, they are basically broke at this point. I wonder when they will sell the aircraft engines group to someone?


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