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You can buy the worlds first flying car! They are taking orders.

Dutch firm PAL-V revealed its final production model Tuesday and is now taking pre-orders for the car/aircraft on its website ( 更多...

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mkeflyer 2
It is not the first by any means. Didn't anyone remember this from aviation history:
shrudini 1
I want one!
chalet 1
This is not a car/aircraft hybrid, it is a new version of Juan de la Cierva (distinguished Spanish engineer/entrepreneur) who invented the Autogyro which lifted off once the forward speed on the ground made the propeller spin fast enough . It can not be called a helicopter as it can not take off or land vertically, let alone hover, however I have a hunch that this one might "take off commercially" for being much simpler and far les costlier than the Terrafugia and other crazy devices.
Jeff Phipps 0
Rendered speculation. The company is taking "hefty non-refundable" reservation fees. The Amphicar was is a neat novelty from history. It was both a bad car and a lousy boat. This thing takes that to an extreme, but a bad car and bad helicopter is just a really terrible idea.
BaronG58 1
Oh the Amphicar...this brings back memories. My dad bought one when they came out in 1961. it leaked like a sieve. Had to run the bilge pump at all time. Other than that it was a hoot. Can't count the times we would just drive down a public boat ramp and float off and within minutes the police and ambulance would show up. People would call in and say a drunk had driven off in to the water.
chalet 1
Baron, you made my day, thankyou.


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