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Norwegian Air Shuttle Changes Engines On Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Norwegian Airlines must switch engines in 21 of their ’Dreamliner’ aircraft Norwegian Airline will replace the engines in 21 of their ‘Dreamliner’ aircraft. The bill will end up with the supplier. ( 更多...

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I'm surprised Rolls Royce has had that much trouble with the Trent 1000 engines.
Ric Wernicke -5
Norwegian would be ahead by getting some GE propulsion. I bet they could get .04~.05 cents per pound at any scrap yard for the Trent's.

When I fly Norwegian in April I hope I don't see a rental DC-3 or Connie on the ramp instead of the Dreamliner I paid for.
SmokedChops 3
Allegiant just retired several ex-SAS MD-88's from the late 1980's - 60k hours, 40k cycle, voila! Problem solved. Mind you, a Super Constellation would be well worth a short hop...
Nationalistic BS here. GE and RR build fine engines and crap posts like this do not contribute to meaningful discussions. I have seen your previous (reasonable) posts, and know you can do better.
Not jingoistic at all. GE and RR manufacture globally. GE contributes more profits for the airlines in my portfolio. This current debacle of swapping engines on most of Norwegians' fleet is just the latest reason to have GE under wing.

GE and EA engines have proved to save operators millions of dollars annually per airplane.

Sorry you missed the reasonable portion of the post, but calling BS does not alter the truth, and like the global warming cult people you somehow cannot appreciate witty humor.

I do not think I missed anything. If you prefer to fly airlines that use GE engines, that is clearly your choice. If you do so in the hope of boosting your portfolio good luck to you as well. Airlines make their engine choices on the basis of their data and RR continue to sell engines. I recall that the recent AF A388 engine failure was not a RR engine. I will be interested to hear of your experience on Norwegian (I have yet to fly on them) in terms of the overall experience on a long haul flight. Minimal seat pitch is likely along with absolute basic service. You may be able to enlighten me on the ease of swapping out engines from different manufacturers. My current belief is that it is more complex than your proposal, but that maybe where the subtle humor lies and it is lost on a poor soul such as myself. Safe flying.
refranke 1
Airlines do NOT buy engines on the numbers. They buy engines to get Trump, Macron, or May off of their ass. It is that simple.
And they buy their aircraft based on the same criteria?. This is just starting to get political and nationalistic, and so far Airbus has made the first move with their agreement with Bombardier, prompted by Boeings bungled attempt to prevent Delta from buying C Series aircraft. Bully tactics at best.
matt jensen 1
I'd rather be on my Electra


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