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Boeing Helped Finance Bailout of Monarch Airlines in 2016 and won the contract

Boeing Co (BA.N) had pumped in more than 100 million pounds ($130 million) into Britain's Monarch Airlines [MONA.UL] which collapsed last week, the Financial Times reported on Monday. ( 更多...

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matt jensen 4
Good move Boeing. You should stick to making good jets and stop overseas investments.
It is ironic that they secretly gave Monarch money to buy 737 Max airframes while attacking Bombardier over alleged subsidies from the Canadian government.
Huh? Boeing is not a sovereign state last I looked. Did they sell these planes below cost?
They sold the 737's below market value to counter Airbuses growing global demand for the first fly-by-wire passenger aircraft. Boeing was slow utilizing new carbon fiber technologies and used unpredictable batteries in the 787's that were subsidized and supported by tax breaks. Or Boeing enjoys taxation holidays abroad with a lower per unit cost of Labour. This baloney about American jobs is just a mantra. Trumps pals exported everything abroad in the mid to late 80's.
Now they are trying to get it back. But the premise that Boeing is a nation state is not far from reality. My theory is America is the first nation state to operate like a failing business. This is not intended as a mean spirited comment. It is simply an observation using a different paradigm for the model. Boeing seems to try to operate like a 19th century Robber Baron crushing any and all opponents. Reality is much meaner than fiction.
matt jensen 2
Well it's bankrupt, just like most of the EU will be after Brexit
Randall Kimm -1
Gentleman we all know now that these characters are certifiable Wankers!


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