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French officials are investigating whether an iPhone and iPad played a role in a terrifying plane crash that killed 66 people

French investigators are looking into the possibility that a pair of Apple mobile devices caused EgyptAir Flight 804 to crash in 2016. According to a report by Le Parisien, French officials have ordered an investigation into whether the plane was brought down by a fire resulting from overheated mobile devices. Officials say an Apple iPhone 6S and an iPad Mini 4 belonging to the flight's first officer may have been plugged into an improper socket in the plane's cockpit — possibly… ( 更多...

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bdarnell 4
How could they have been plugged into an "improper socket" ? Both devices use a charging cable with a lightning connector on one end and a 5V USB on the other. They could not have been plugged into anything but a USB outlet or a 120 volt adapter with a USB outlet.

What am I missing here ?
dapkarian 2
What your missing is French officials will not agree that this was most likely a terrorist attack that started at their airport....You are 100% correct that this makes no sense at all...
eccsandiego 2
Remember how the nuclear fallout from Chernobyl had mysteriously "gone around" France before reaching Spain and Portugal, at least according to the French government?

Yeah right.


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