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Airports may use face recognition to screen US citizens

Right now, the US is trotting out an airport security plan revolving around facial recognition. It's supposed to automatically register visitors to the US when they leave, and signal when they come back. However, Customs and Border Protection now wants to expand the effort to include virtually every situation where you normally need an ID -- and that could include scanning US citizens. The agency's John Wagner has floated the possibility that face recognition could also be used to scan… ( 更多...

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rmchambers 2
More security theater and nobody is any safer than before. They just can't stop pissing away money on technology that's not foolproof. Everything this would do requires a human to intervene and from the caliber of TSA agents you meet on a day to day basis you might as well just not even bother.
Jerry Minor 1
Now I know why I was notified that the NM Motor Vehicle Division is utilizing facial recognition technology with the picture on my new "Real ID" compliant driver license.
this is coming down the pike whether we want it or will be embedded everywhere before you know it.....especially in the robotic world


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