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Incident: Swiss B777 near Iqaluit on Feb 1st 2017, engine automatically shut down in flight

A Swiss Global Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration HB-JND performing flight LX-40 from Zurich (Switzerland) to Los Angeles,CA (USA), was enroute at FL320 about 290nm north of Iqaluit,NU (Canada), when the left hand engine (GE90) showed a fault and shut down automatically ( More...

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matt jensen 8
They had to stay onboard until sufficient cold weather clothing could be found for the pax. After all it's winter there -21. They all got hot food and the ten cent tour of our capital city.
Based on the prices I experienced it was probably a 15c (Canadian) tour!.
canuck44 10
This was formerly named Frobisher Bay. Not a great tourism spot in February, but at least their mosquitoes which are the size of B-29's are not out. I was there at the end of an August and donated a pint of blood to the beasts.
Landed there twice recently ferrying a Cessna Caravan from Africa to Florida. Big long runway Airbus did cold weather testing here with their A380. Not much else!
canuck44 1
From Wilson Field? That would be a long trip.
A couple of other stops along the way, and from Brazzaville not Nairobi!. We took the scenic route
Nick Carlson 2
In my early days as a navigator on KC-97's we went there frequently for two weeks at a time, from '60 - '62. It is not hospitable at all in the winter without substantial warm clothing. I concur about the mosquitoes in August.
dc3orbust 1
Best post in eons !
Tony Perez 2
Anyone know how many hours that engine had?
Me alegra mucho que todo haya terminado exitosamente. Felicito a la tripulación por las operaciones correctas que hicieron. Ahora hay que investigar intensamente cual fué el motivo del fallo del motor. De estas poco felices experiencias, hay que aprovechar para mejorar el diseño y mantenimiento de las aeronaves.
A Jetstar 787 also had a GE engine shut down mid-flight.
Jon Vanmeter 3
According to Avherald, since Jan 25 a 744 had a PW shut down, an A320 had an IAE shut down, an L410 had a GE shut down, and an A330 had a RR shut down. Doesnt seem to be limited to GE engines.
linbb -4
Ok so your point is?
That GE needs to figure out a way to stop their engines from shutting down mid-flight.
bettiem 2
Isn't it better that it shuts down instead of running to destruction? Since it is apparently certified for ETOPS, can we not be secure in knowing that the problem was not caused by any inherent design fault?
canuck44 1
It may well be in a "heated tent" but they are going to face lots of difficulties. Metal gets brittle, fingers freeze, ice forms around the tent, the wind whistles through every tiny opening They may have to cannibalized the removed engine for fittings and parts (unless it has been flown out). Going from the tent to the interior of the aircraft will be a challenge for folks who probably come from warmer climates. They need to be paid very will for this gig.
John Yount 1
Conflicting reports. Did the pax after recieving warm clothing,get off the airplane into buses? Iqaluit Mayor Redfern stated that the pax would have the key to the city, sort of. Hot meals and a tour of the capital.(a local pub?) Is this the same community that has in the past offered excellent hostitality to "stuck" air travelers? 14 hours in a 777,if so Swiss Air is on my no fly list.
matt jensen 4
No, you're thinking of Gander, NF which hosts stray aircraft from time to time.
James Simms 1
"Hey!!!!!! This isn't SoCal!!! Where are all the palm trees & beach scenery?"
Tony Perez 3
Ikr? Passengers dressed for LA gets diverted to a place as opposite from LA as possible.
canuck44 1
Forget the clothing....imagine being bundled up and dropped off at a bar filled with folks who make a living here. Now that would be a mismatch. "No, Sir, the sushi is frozen....along with everything else until we bring it in."
klimchuk 1
So how HB-JND will be recovered is engine is not working?
woodrich 2
An Antonov 124 was chartered to bring a replacement engine to Iqualuit. The plane left Zurich today at 3pm local time (9am Eastern time). It is currently en route, you can track the flight here:
mais qual quais foram os danos na aeronaves . apos esse acontencimento meio raro nesse tipo de equipamento b777. ja sir saber quais foram a causar .ja sir rela tos sobre oque poder ter acontecido no voo swinss global air lines b777
matt jensen 1
It's still in Iqaluit


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