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Citilink pilot fired, allegedly drunk

The checkpoint video clip is frightening. Somehow he got all the way to the flight deck unchallenged, then the pax started to deplane after hearing him speak. ( More...

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Peter Cooper 2
Watching the video does suggest that the pilot has a problem, either medical or alcohol/drug induced. I can't understand why the two security guards present didn't either stop the pilot themselves, or alert someone further up the security chain.
Highflyer1950 2
Used to be a great professional job with standards! Now these low cost bozo's are screwing it all up for everyone else. Never would have got this far in a legacy carrier.
sparkie624 2
No respect for a Drunk... Especially a Drunk Airline Pilot! Glad they fired him.
David Loh 1
I just watched a short documentary which featured a condition called auto brewery. A person with this syndrome can behave exactly like a total drunk without drinking a drop of alcohol. When the drunkenness subsides he does not even remember it. It is an extremely rare condition and maybe even most doctors may not know about it. Wonder if this pilot has this condition? Apparently a person with this condition can have an episode of drukenness at any time. I too wondered why the security guards did not stop him. After all a totally drunk person should reek of alcohol which is very noticeable to people nearby. But since this condition is due to alcohol being produced in his own body perhaps he does not have smell of alcohol on his breath?
joel wiley 1
I suspect that the pilot had a condition much less rare than auto brewery syndrome. One with this syndrome acts like a drunk because they actually are responding to ETOH intoxication. While there is some anecdotal evidence that a rare individual had a BA of .08 gm/ml, the pilot's reported results were 3 times that.
David Loh 1
I think we all agree that there must have been excessive alcohol in his blood as he went thru security. The benefit of a doubt which i am bringing up is How did the alcohol get into his blood stream? Did he have a few drinks? When did he drink? Was he also staggering about as he reported for flight briefing? Didn't the flight dispatchers notice it? Did his wife fetch him to the airport? And she didn't even care that he was drunk?
Or did AB SYNDROME quietly manufacture alcohol in his gut and finally reach the point where the drunkenness started to appear at the airport?
Although auto brewery syndrome is extremely rare, it is also extremely rare for a pilot to drink so much before a flight that he is totally incapacitated by the time he reaches the airport.
If his drunkenness was due to his DELIBERATE act of drinking alcohol before flight then he deserves every punishment he has got so far and maybe even more to come.
But if it was due to something he didn't do and he was not aware about then....?
I too am in the airlines industry. Been a line engineer for many years. I have personal encounters with pilots all the time on the line. I also flew a number of years as a private pilot.
I am just as ready as everyone else to praise or condemn pilots if their actions deserve it.
I have absolutely no reason to defend this pilot. In fact i by pure chance happen to see the documentary about AB Syndrome a few days after this incident. Before knowing about AB i too was cursing the pilot for this but now......let's see what the investigation comes up with.
joel wiley 1
David Loh,
I just noticed that FA seems to have merged this drunken Singapore pilot squawk with another reporting on a Sunwing pilot out of Calgary. Hmm.
David Loh 1
Indonesian not Singapore pilot. Probably lots of confusion here as to who we are referring to.
Bravo !
This has been posted here three times already.
WeatherWise 1
Anyone over 60 on here might remember the old Hudson & Landry comedy sketch "Ajax Airlines"? Probably not but that's what popped into my head...not making light of a drunken pilot but it was a funny bit back then.
I remember speaking with a captain at a christmas party about not having any alcohol,and he told me he wanted to attend the party, but he had to fly a trip the next morning and the rules had an allocated time frame for having any alcohol and piloting a plane..i had a great deal of respect for him and he had a good time without the booze!apart from showing signs of being "drunk" (some people are alcoholic and act quite normally on the job)bourbon or sweet type drinks stay in the system and even cologne.mouthwash or whatever do not eliminate the odor for a while..
joel wiley 1
Sunwing 595
Story reports intermediate stop in Winnipeg, but I don't see that in the history
David Loh 0
joel wiley 1
Interesting, but not relevant to the now unemployed Citilink pilot. There are also rare individuals who do not produce alcohol dehydrogenase and cannot metabolize ETOH. That is likewise irrelevant to the current topic.
David Loh 1
As you wish
joel wiley 1
For some reason my reply to your earlier post did not get posted. I just replicated it. Hopefully the two will make more sense than just this thread's.
joel wiley 0
Miroslav Gronych has been charged with the following:

Having care and control of an aircraft while impaired
Having care and control of an aircraft while having a blood alcohol level over .08 (or exceeding 80 mgs of alcohol per 100mL of blood)

Gronych is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 5, 2017.
btweston 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Lame Airline Fires Pilot Just Because He Was Totally Drunk

We all do stupid things when we’re drunk—like call our exes or buy something we don’t need on eBay. But a pilot for an Indonesian airline was just fired for doing something with the potential for much deadlier consequences. He tried to fly a plane while drunk off his ass. And he nearly succeeded.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Police: Airline Pilot Found Passed Out in Cockpit Was Drunk

An airline pilot is facing charges in Canada after police say he was found by his co-pilot passed out in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 before it was set to take off.

Calgary police say the gate crew as well as crewmembers on the aircraft indicated that Miroslav Gronych was behaving strangely ahead of his scheduled flight Saturday. Sgt. Paul Stacey says the co-pilot later found the 37-year-old captain "slumped over in the seat" of the airliner.
boneidle 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Pilot passed out in cockpit, accused of being drunk, police say

Capt. Miroslav Gronych was "behaving oddly before he became unconscious in the cockpit" on Saturday, Calgary police said. The plane, with 99 passengers and six crew members, was scheduled to fly to Regina before heading to Winnipeg and Cancun, Mexico.
btweston 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Police say pilot on Canadian airline found passed out drunk

Canadian police have charged a pilot for Sunwing Airlines with impairment after he was allegedly found passed out over his seat before takeoff early Saturday.
Gudseeds 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Another Drunk Pilot ?

Sunwing Airlines seems to come up in the News a few times a year..and they 'make the News again' !
Kyle MacLeod 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Pilot charged with being impaired was 3 times the legal limit, says Calgary police

Calgary police have charged a pilot after he allegedly passed out from intoxication in the cockpit of a plane full of passengers and crew.


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