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F-22 Raptor Does A Loop On Its Axis Performing The Elusive Falling Leaf

Talk About Stability. It's no secret the F-22 Raptor is one of the most maneuverable, if not THE most maneuverable fighter aircraft in the world. A strong case could be made that fourth generation Sukhoi and MiG aircraft also have thrust vectoring and could do the same, but there's really no way of telling which is better. One thing's for sure though. The Raptor looks great when it does it. Link direct to video ( More...

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ken young 3
I place on the politicians that got this project scuttled in favor of the F-35, which is a less than stellar aircraft.....My sneaking suspicion is a lot of palms were greased on that deal
Scott Wiggins -5
Too much of a threat to our enemies so the Kenyan cancelled it. That and Gates being Gates.
Gary Bennett 2
We can question this type of performance and the need to be able to do it but there is not one pilot in this group who would not love to be at the controls!
Alan Brown 1
Interesting flying.... Fun way to learn how the plane responds under full stall conditions, I guess.
Jim Welch 1
Proof positive that some guys & gals STILL get to play in the sand box (lol)!!!!!
bbabis 1
Fascinating and amazing but I have to ask, why? Doing those maneuvers in combat would just make it easy missile bait.
tim mitchell 1
Tight maneuvering in within about a square mile...Really no way of getting a lock on it in dog fight once the pilots get used to them..By the time the opposing pilot realized what was going on the F22 would either be long gone or behind him/her.
John Yount 1
When will the military get to start using this "tool" on the bad guy?
jamesrae1950 1
Let's see an F-35 do this!
Apparently, you don't see the Raptor either. It's radar cross section is almost half of the F-35's and it's long range radar is much longer range. Most enemies killed in exercises don't even see it. They're thinking about making more of them. I second that. Just finished a model of the Raptor with my grandson. Touching that plane close up you realize just how magnificent its design really is. We build some spectacular airplanes!
Believe the whole idea of the F-35 is that you will never "see" it doing anything. ;-)
May not give good airshow, or make a pretty Thunderbird, but it should do its job without the bad guys even knowing it's there.
it could do the first part. the second part...well easier to recycle?


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