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Pilot forgets to add oil after oil change

The Cessna 150 experienced a total loss of engine power during an enroute climb to cruise. The pilot performed a forced landing to a field near Brookfield, Wis., where the plane hit trees and sustained substantial damage. ( 更多...

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Sam Johnson 6
It typically takes more than 1 error to cause an airplane accident in a small plane.
1. He forgot to replenish the oil.
2. He did not check the oil on the dip stick.
3. He did not check the oil pressure when the engine started. That, to me is the worst thing he forgot. Nobody should be in such a hurry that the 2-3 seconds it takes to check the oil pressure must be saved.

I took a BFR from a neighbor who was a flight instructor at Lufthansa in Goodyear, AZ. After the check ride he said I did a good job. He then said, I knew you would when I saw you immediately check the oil pressure right after the engine started.
I had a friend once who was less than a mechanic than I was and I am NO mechanic. He tried to change his oil in his car at home. He drained the oil from the sump and placed five quarts of fresh oil in his transmission. He is now a pharmacist doing great.
I am a pharmacist: better double check your pills before you take one.
Bernie20910 1
Some of us do!
Had a variant on that tale - when I was a teen, my dad asked me to change the oil in my sister's car. I drained it, replaced the oil filter, then proceeded to refill - without ever plugging the drain. 5 qts. of 10W40 all over our driveway was a powerful lesson to not get ahead of myself... one which I still remember, and passed on to my sons when teaching them about oil changes.
That was a cheap lesson. In most shops there is a rule; "a drain plug is either all the way in and torqued or all the way out". Finger tightened and then going to get the wrench you forgot is a no,no. That leads to an expensive lesson. Forgetting to put the oil in means he didn't put a tag on the yoke, steering wheel , etc.
linbb 2
He was no mechanic and hope that they pull his A&P for that. Was one years ago and the lessons stayed with me even today 55yrs later.

Got out of general aviation due to low pay and went on to become when I retired a heavy duty bus and truck mechanic.

Over the years ran into many wanna bee mechanics that did scary things working on trucks and busses.
Ruger9X19 2
Apparently he did an abbreviated preflight as well as an abbreviated oil change. If I was his customer I would be looking for a new mechanic, wouldn't want his shortcuts risking my life.
He is perfectly qualified to get a job at Iffy Lube.
Wow. forgetting oil.
Cecil Clark 1
6 Quarts of oil...$36
1 Continental O-200a engine...$16,000-20,000
Expensive lesson learned.

Piston, turboprop or jet...ALWAYS check oil press on engine startup.
Roy Hunte 1
Mr Wonka, that is a hand to forehead moment.


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