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Airbus Files Patent For Unusual Hybrid Vertical Takeoff Aircraft

A patent filed by the aircraft manufacturer makes claims to an invention of an aircraft capable or vertical takeoff that can transition to horizontal flight. The aircraft employs at least four rotors to supply vertical lift. These are powered by independent electric motors and would operate in a very similar fashion to a quadcopter. Energy for theses motors would be provided by batteries and a generator connected to an internal combustion engine. This same engine will power a forward facing… ( More...

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djames225 2
Since they are trying to file a patent for a vertical takeoff/horizontal transition aircraft, does this mean the Osprey doesnt work?
The Osprey is of a totally different design. I am not a patent attorney so would not venture to explain the intricacies of filing a patent.
linbb -1
Soon they will try to patent air around there
honza nl 2
ah well, since US companies like iFruit file patents for a phone which has corners at the corners I am no longer surprised.
alvin RajPaul -3
Not suprised man knowledge improves as the world turns and then shall the end comes

As written In the Bible


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