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Boeing made a ‘major mistake’ 12 years ago that left its customers in the lurch

The 757 was always a bit of an odd duck for Boeing.It’s a twin-engine, narrow-body airliner that’s larger than the run-of-the-mill 737, but smaller than wide-body jets like the 787 Dreamliner. It’s a true tweener in Boeing’s lineup. Even though the Renton, Washington-based airplane maker was able to book more than 1,000 orders for the jets over its two decades in production, it was never a hot seller. By the early 2000s, sales of the 757 had all but dried up and Boeing put the plane out to… ( 更多...

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djames225 3
Here is the direct link to the article without having to go through Facebook
altawood 2
I flew the 'Seven-Five' for 5 years. Without a doubt, the best airliner of my career! Flew like a fighter and climbed like one too!
Pat Cook 2
As a passenger given a choice, I would ride the 757. I my not so humble opinion, a 737 should never be used for over a 3 hours gate to gate; or at least have only 2/3 seating on longer flights. I become convinced of this more and more every time I fly between Alaska and Hawaii, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland.
altawood 2
I would guess that the diameter of the fuselage on the two is comparable. If you are uncomfortable on the 737, blame the airline, not the manufacturer. It is the airline which decides on the interior configuration. Having said that, the 757 does have more performance and so is capable of higher altitudes at comparable loads which might make the ride smoother.


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