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Watch a F-16 Take Off and Incredibly Shoot Up 15,000 Feet in the Air in Seconds

Wow, this is beyond incredible. Here’s footage of an F-16 launching itself 15,000 into the air in less than 45 seconds. It’s basically a vertical straight shot and you get to see how high—the fighter jet looks like its suspended in air for a moment there—the airplane goes and how small the rest of the world looks in what is essentially the aircraft’s rear view. It gets so high that you half expect it to like, fall back to Earth. ( 更多...

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Chris Goode 9
If I could just have one day in that plane.
kd5byb 4
I'd take one hour...but probably would loose my lunch... ;)
Toby Sharp 4
...............that's about the coolest thing i've ever seen with my clothes on..............
Ray Toews 5
April 1974 this RCAF fitter straps in to the back seat of a CF104 Starfighter. After an engine change a test flight has to be flown to Mach2 to test for T2 reset. We are clean clean, the 104 doesn't like Mach2 with tip tanks, they go to negative angle attack. We have 12 min of fuel at full burner.
A quick taxi out to the runway and light her off.
Two min later we are 1 mile down the runway and six miles directly above CFB Cold Lake.
A few quick checks, turn north and relight, two min later we are in a 3G turn back to the base so we don't get too far away. As we approach the base we decelerate in the thickening air and Capt John David tells me we have no fuel for a go around.
If we don't land we go to the bailout area and he will say eject eject, the third time will be just an echo.
That is one flight permanently burned into my memory.
Ray Toews 2
We got rid of the Arrow and bought that useless airplane nobody wanted. Well only those countries that couldn't afford a real fighter. When it turned out we didn't really need an interceptor we turned it into a low level attack bomber!
The only thing it was good for was putting a smile on a pilots face. The thing was more fun than sex.
Now we are going to do the same thing, get rid of a reasonably useful airplane and replace it with something we don't need.
We need to patrol the arctic so that when Denmark or whoever comes snooping around we can send a pilot up to give them the international symbol.
A single engine stealthy airplane is useless. Who wants to be a 1000 miles from a base with one engine,,,, and we want them to know we are there.

But what the hell would I know?
not only a plane you don't need but also crazy expensive !
matt jensen 2
In the old days, with afterburners full on, we called that an unlimited take off.
Ray Toews 1
104's always took off with afterburner, wingless wonder needed all the thrust it could manage to get airborne.
...and BLC to make the thing believe it had wings 😊
lynx318 1
EJECT! EJECT1 EJeeeccccttttttttt.........
Roy Thomas 4
Had the privilege of watching the IDF fly training missions with their F-16s around the Jezreel Valley in 2006. My vantage point was the top of Mt Carmel, truly and awesome thing to watch and to hear.
Faster Gun 3
Not here for the commentary... Just here to watch the video.
Keith Smith 3
The pilot did it right...getting up to a ridiculous speed on the deck, then a pull to vertical, resulting in a climb rate that absolutely destroys what you'd get if you simply went vertical immediately after takeoff.

Regarding thrust to weight of greater than 1 to 1, that's true only if it's not carrying a whole lot :) That's why having a 500-600kt head start is good. Even if the speed bleeds off slowly, you're going to cover a lot of ground before needing to level off.

Good stuff!
Yep, but I guess you missed the point. It does not matter what the weight is if the thrust available is greater and does not diminish with height gained. Think of the area of maximum dynamic pressure, that why the shuttle used to reduce power after lift off until past thus critical point then power up for orbital entry. Like I said, acceleration in a climb is awesome, flying level with the deck until you get to vmo and then pulling a shitload of "g's" is impressive but in reality as soon as you go verical, you start slowing down.......not in a F-16 however!
Keith Smith 1
I'm well aware that if you have > 1:1 t/w ratio then you can accelerate vertically (regardless of total weight). My point is that a FULLY LOADED F-16 weighs 42,000lbs. The engine, on full blower, puts out around 28,000lbs of thrust. Hence...a fully loaded F-16 cannot accelerate vertically.

Even with a reduced load where t:w is right around 1:1, it'll SUSTAIN whatever speed you enter the climb with, but not much more. Hence, starting the climb with 500kts in the bank is a lot more efficient than just going vertical immediately upon wheels up.

Also, if you enter the climb at Vmo, then whether your thrust to weight is just under 1:1, right at 1:1, or just over 1:1 makes little difference for a 10-15 second climb. The total speed gained or lost won't be a whole lot either way.
Copy that , however the operational air mission weight is around 27k, less the afterburner 28.8 k of thrust and the weight reduces drastically in afterburner. You are correct however with the up all weight of 42k.
It's considered an aeroatic maneuver. Your right about building speed. But you'll also notice that he didn't pull until he reached the departure end of the runway.
Well, with a greater thrust than weight ratio, it can accelerate straight up. Pretty awesome.
ride click 2
These never get old. Would like to hear the comms though
Chris B 0
Would like to see the panel as well to confirm 15k claim.
kd5byb 2
Once I was in Fresno California, fairly close to the runway as F-16's would come and go. On takeoff, I'd put my fingers in my ears so far I was touching brain and still it was way LOUD. Awesome sight! Didn't think to bring a scanner with me...
From the pull to "15K", is 12 seconds. Faster than 1,000 FPS, or 60,000 FPM.
Not likely 15K if you do the math maybe more like 10K. Vertical climb duration 12 seconds divided by 15000 would require a vertical speed of 1250 feet per second which is mach 1.12 but it never looked like went supersonic. Still a nice video
pat buckley 2
Of course it is not at all possible TO JUST ENJOY THE VIDEO without various "experts" chiming in with BS about what might not be possible etc. Then we have Sherlock Holmes who feels that unless HE sees the panel in he doubts the claim.

Sigh.....I guess its the Internet.
Ray Toews 1
Do the F16 flaps deploy automatically with speed or AOA?
The leading edge devices deploy automatically at a set AOA.
Jim DeTour 1
Sport configuration. Add a combat load and it's afterburner to liftoff then lumbering to gain altitude and get some real airspeed.
Zany4God 1
Wow! Nice vid. As I am inclined to do, I also looked at the field trying to guess where it was. Turkey? Incirlik? Tab V's? The pilots wings were not USAF. The 16 might have been Turkish AF. The pilot was not wearing gloves. Was the 16 a B model and this guy is the passenger?
I was thinking maybe Denmark, from the roundels on the wings.
No. 11 Squadron (Pakistan Air Force) Airbase PAF Base Mushaf (Sargodha)
Elevation AMSL 614 ft
Dave Nosek 1
F-16 has had this capability since day 1. Cool to watch though.
lynx318 1
As I commented on the youtube vid, love the upraised hands off the controls, "HURRAH!"


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