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Qatar B777 collision probe focuses on intersection riddle

Investigators have revealed that a departing Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER overran the runway at Miami airport before becoming airborne and striking approach lights as it climbed away. The inquiry into the accident has disclosed that the captain chose to depart from the T1 intersection of runway 09 despite carrying out the calculations for a full-length runway departure, and despite a prohibition on intersection take-offs from this runway. ( 更多...

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four, so called "pilots", in the cockpit and no one "noticed" something wrong with that decision by looking at the "taxi position" displayed on the instrument and worse..none noticed or even became "doubtful" about the possibility (a real one) that the huge 777 (372 tons) could have overun the runway and hit whatever was "after" a runway...ENDS!!!! Am I wrong?? if so, please somebody tell me why.
MH370 4
Dubslow 2
Thanks, much more detailed
30west 4
The report is stunning to me in the summary info provided, in that the captain could understand that the software architecture "09#T1" was referring to a full length departure and that intersection departures were not permissible from that runway. Then as he sees a taxiway sign showing the T1 intersection, he "decides" that the jet could depart from the intersection T1. Apparently, he reasoned that the T1 in the architecture display meant intersection T1. Later, when questioned, he couldn't recall how he came to that decision!

It appears to me that he had less than a full understanding of what the software display was telling him since he was so easier swayed into attempting an intersection departure. No excuse for that attempted takeoff.
joel wiley 2
A link to AVHerald posted by MH370 has more detail. The EFB display only went as far as T1 and did not show the taxiway to the end at the zoom level selected. Maybe overreliance on technology and underreliance on piloting and situational awareness skills are contributing factors.
30west 2
I agree with you, Joel.

Also, maybe a good company procedure would be to have one of the two displays always showing the big picture except for quick selections of the zoom by the "un-zoomed" pilot for resolving concerns at very complex intersections, for example. A quick sanity check by the captain before committing to the T1 intersection departure would have been to view the entire runway, it may have saved a rug dance in the chief pilots office.
Dubslow 4
Comedy of errors, eh? Except that it was oh-so-close to a tragedy instead of a comedy...
So in other words thanks to extreme pilot error we almost had a major airplane tragedy in Miami.
jwmson 2
Yet another reason I will only fly US and UK flagged carriers.
chalet 2
To all of you who questioned what I had said right after the accident that this was a clear -and awful- mistake on the part of the pilots for not taking off from the threshold of RWY 09, well, there you are, the official albeit Preliminary Report issued by Qatar's Civil Aviation Authority with the assistance of U.S.'s FAA and NTSB and UK's CAA says it all. The definitive fate of the crew is pending the Final Report to be issued in a few weeks although they remain firmly grounded in Doha since they landed after this fateful flight.
30west 1
Same conclusion (but I haven't seen the post that you are referring to with your reasoning); however, one was based upon investigation and the other was based upon a speculation.
chalet 1
No speculation at all, I can not disclose source or any details as to how I learned that this was a major major screw up, just lets say for the moment that the three pilots in the cockpit are nationals from two far away countries. Lets wait to see if the Definitive Report gives ut their names and nationalities.
chalet 1
Correction: four (4) pilots up front nationals from two countries.
30west 1
Great intel getting it right after the accident!

What reason for the accident was in your post, I didn't see the post in your history?
chalet 1
Look it up here
30west 1
I read your posts, even the down-voted rants, and didn't see any reason for your conclusion. Aircraft accidents are not solved by speculation, but by hard facts open to review and intellectual/scientific scrutiny. No facts in your posts.

30West, out!
chalet 1
Hold your horses, I did not speculate, I learned this from a high level exec whose company provides goods and services to major airlines througout the Middle East who gave me all sorts of details and that for obvious reasons I can disclose. If you don't believe me, it is your problem, kid.
Ruger9X19 1
I think that everyone's conclusion was that it was an error on the part of the pilot's, planes don't tend to hit objects unless there is an error in judgment. The questions are why did the error occur, and what can prevent it from happening again. This is what the investigation needs reveal, and your tangential rants do not solve.
Duane Porte 1
So...I've flown a plane or two at night (which could take off at an intersection as opposed to full runway length), as PIC wouldn't you see runway edge light to the right (in this case) as you turned on to the RW? In a 777 what's the danger in using ALL of the runway? I have certainly joked that I wish I needed all of the runway provided on takeoffs.

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Ian Deans 1
Just stick to the need to put this crap in your posts.


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