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Freight pilots vs passenger pilots

Have you ever thought about the differences of freight pilots and passenger pilots? ( 更多...

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Man, it is my dream to be a cargo pilot for Fedex or UPS! One day, I hope to join you Capt. Aerosavvy! Right now I'm working hard to get there, and I'm only 16 so I can't do too much right now, but every flight hour I gets me closer!
Good luck Paul, realize your dreams.
matt jensen 3
We didn't have to feed them or listen to the bellyaching of the stews.
linbb 2
And freight doesn't puke or fight with others either.
joel wiley 1
You mean having the cargo load itself isn't worth it?
The big problem as I see it is that many, many freight operations are at night. This is what is called flying "behind the clock". Those guys and gals are constantly fighting the need to sleep in the dark. They fly 4 days at night then try to adjust to 5 days off (shortened to three if you commute) at home and then go back to the night. Why do you think UPS has "sleep rooms" in the operations center? Fatigue has always been an issue at the freighters. The Captain of the Birmingham crash told his peers that the job was killing him.
bentwing60 1
Freight don't bi@3h about the landings!
on LH md11 cargo flight to Quito 1.45 hour
Pileits 1
Boxes doesn't complain about the bumpy ride and don't get drunk and disorderly.
joel wiley 2
Neither do most of the passengers. They don't make the press.
sparkie624 1
Yeah.. But the ones who complain more than make up for the ones who do... It seems that the news media has a real art for finding a human idiot who doesn't know when to shut up.. But they have interviewed a box because a pilot did an air return or had a hard landing.
chudddds 1
Federal Express Flight 705
ALso look at , youtube,about cargo pilots, very intresting!
Dale Boyer 1
Having done both there are many challenges and rewards of each. The negatives cargo - loading & unloading your own freight at 30 below, old mostly working equipment, snowy low weather with an occasional line of storms, adf yes adf nav, a boss asking why you didn't get freight there on time, and low pay. Passenger - drunk pax, some one either blowing smoke up your skirt or looking over your shoulder and telling you how you should be operating your aircraft whether they know the aircraft or conditions you have, flight attendants that can do your job better, passengers that are experts. The pluses freight staying awake for 36 to 48 hours, getting that old tired plane safely and on time to destination with no major scratches, not dealing with any leg by leg critique from f/a pax or boss who will be sleeping. Passengers - mostly daylight flying with only the sun doing the old light on the back of the skull now and then, passengers that sleep the entire flight or that get off and say that was a great flight (mainly because of the F/A's).

Yes there is fun and pains of both but where else will someone pay you to see the world a few hours at a time while giving you and an aircraft and pay for its gas while you sit around and get paid to do what you love.
I've done a lot of night freight flying. I flew for Sterling Airways/TNT operation in Europe for a year. The flight and duty time was well managed and we never had fatigue problems as far as being overworked is concerned. You body clock gets messed up when you work at night though in any job. I also flew for smaller operators (in the late 80s) who exploited us and that was a killer. I used to have an alarm clock in the cockpit in case I fell asleep, which happened a few times.
btweston 1
This comment thread wins the Weekend Cliché Championship.
glang3 1
Are they hiring? What are their minimums?
In every job description there are are two kinds of qualifications listed . One set is the essential type and the other being desirable .
Consider the case of complying with punctuality or time schedules.
IMHO , this attribute falls under "desirable" category for passenger airlines BUT is an "essential" category for freighters !
Can we expect "Cast Away " like time study for a passenger aircraft ?
I doubt .
Corrections are welcome .
lbjack 1
Well, since airlines consider passengers "self-loading cargo," there shouldn't be any difference.
If my ignorance be excused , I've not understood the rationale of discrimination in context of free rides for self and family ! It's understandable if the airline is an exclusive freight carrier like FEDEX or UPS and so on because they have no one to discriminate against . I guess carrying freight is associated with more hazards than the other kind. Including "passenger" handling in freight carriers.
Temper tantrums of humans can be controlled in more ways than one but not in case of freight. Point in case is the B747 F crash in Afghanistan last year when during take off the armored vehicles became loose from their anchors and the crash occurred. Can human passengers be ever capable of doing so ? The terrorist attacks excluded .
spatr -1
The only thing about the passengers I care about is their money. I fly every leg because the most important person in the world is on the plane, ME. If I don't get home my family suffers, the people behind me benefit because of my goal of returning safely to my family and being able to provide for them for many years to come.
I wonder if Sully felt the same way?

[This poster has been suspended.]

sparkie624 2
You haven't talked to some of the FedEx and UPS pilots lately.
Where the hell have you been hiding?
elcockm -5
I think that passenger pilots are more skilled and careful because they have lives on board ? Do you agree?
joel wiley 4
AISI: Pilot & FO have lives. They are flying as if their lives depended on it. The others, Pax or Packages, are just along for the ride.
Many years ago as air crew while in the Marines, I performed preflights on CH-46s. Since I was going up too, I made sure that the bird was airworthy and safe to fly. I didn't care that others were up front and needed to be safe too, I wanted to ensure that it was safe for me. The funny thing is, they couldn't do much unless I said it was safe to.
preacher1 3
You get self righteous and keep on thinking that about yourself. That crew in the pointey end wants to get home more than anybody in the back and know that they'll be among the first arriving at a crash scene and will do their dead level best not to have one. While their is a certain amount of responsibility in the back end, their concern is for theirselves. Solly Chollie!!!


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