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Many more A380s by 2033, but maybe less comfortable than now

Never mind about your big comfy A380s being at risk. According to the Airbus market forecast 2033 there will be 94 ‘Very Large Aircraft’ or VLAs serving the Australia and South Pacific. That’s more than four times the number of jets pushing the 500 seat mark on Australia routes at the start of 2014, which is the comparison date for the forecast, and which is already out of date in terms of A380s dedicated to Australian services by Qantas, Emirates and Singapore Airlines on a regular rather than… ( 更多...

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Gene Nowak 3
What are they going to replace the existing "concrete seats" with?
Paul Smith 3
Wooden bleacher seats with rope seat belts!
Comfy if you're flying anything but Lufthanasa sardine can A380s.
Greer Kemp 2
I live in Thailand, and a couple of weeks ago flew from BKK to KUL on a TG 787 - now apart from the novelty of the electrically darkened windows, the flight itself was NOT comfortable due to the sardine-like way that seats were packed in. I was sitting next to another pax, and there was barely room to move my arms to eat the meal - very uncomfortable - leg-room was not wonderful either! Seats were OK, but the thin, light weight type - to be expected I guess...

Give me CX or SQ any day - even QF has more space.
I have managed to avoid the 380 up to now, and intend to keep it that way. There are just too many "fellow travelers" for my taste in that aircraft. The best alternative, for my taste, is the 767 or 787.
A 767 or 787 would be a more comfortable ride


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