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Incident: JAL Boeing 787 enroute on Apr 20th 2015, lost tyre pressure

A JAL Japan Airlines Boeing 787-800, registration JA829J performing flight JL-728 (dep Apr 19th) from Bangkok (Thailand) to Osaka Kansai (Japan) with 183 people on board, was enroute when the crew received indication that one of the left main gear tyres had lost pressure. The crew continued the flight to Osaka for a safe landing with emergency services on stand by. ( 更多...

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Ken McIntyre 16
Meanwhile, the was a massive bugstrike in the central United States that obscured a critical part of the captain's view during final approach. Using skills obtained from 1000's of hours of flying, he was able to shift his head slightly to the side and somehow managed a safe and controlled landing. All passengers and crew walked away from the incident. The bug was scraped away using Windex...
This just in...
The bug didn't have the guts to try that again!
sparkie624 2
Ugh... I wondered how long it was going to take someone to come up with that.
Bob Roehrer 3
perfect satirical comment!! funny, and outrageous enough that only the brain dead will mis-understand it, and gets right to the point.
What is the last thing to go through a bug's mind as he smashes into the windshield? His anus.
I love it!
Dee Lowry 1
Hey Ken- Have you ever thought about being a writer for"the Onion"? Brilliant!! You made my day!!!
sparkie624 2
Dead on...
Dee Lowry 1
Hi Sparkie.
Glad you folks enjoyed this bit of whimsy. I had no idea it would be so popular.

All of the outrageous hype over the 787 plus a couple of beers equaled irritation and flying fingers on the keyboard. Hope I didn't offend the op.

Back in the day, I washed a lot of cockpit windows in the summer on Beach 99's, Banderantes, Metro II and IIIs and Beach 1900's. Hated grasshopper season. Can you tell?
John Berry 3
This was one of those new lithium ion tires right?
sparkie624 1
LOL, I needed a good laugh...
Lewis Tripp 4
WOW, big deal. TIRE.
btweston 2
Tires, actually. And I hear you need those.
sparkie624 1
It depends on how you land if you need them or not :) - There are some planes that do not have them... For Example the xF85 Parasite
don(t you have more serious information to broadcast?
jbqwik 2
It could have been dicey roll-out.The crew reacted appropriately to the indication, which also worked as advertised. Which I suppose is reason enough to applaud.
sparkie624 1
WOW.. Go Figure... I am surprised they were able to land at all... UGH.. Non-News event... I deal with crap like that all day long...

The way it usually goes for me is:

Crew - "I appears that we have the #4 tire low" -

Me - "No problem (get the logbook info), I will have a mechanic out there shortly"

Mechanic - "Tire Looks Good", "Added some air good to go", "We need to change the tire"....

All non-reportable events, as long as he does not get tow'd off the runway....

We did gave one that blew a tire on take off roll... Tower advised him of it, he continued to a base station, notified me via ACARS, and I had mechanics waiting for him.... They changed the tire on the ramp, and taxied to the gate", was reportable, but no emergency declared... Only damage to the a/c was the wheel hub that was coming off anyway.
sparkie624 1
Actually correction.. They changed the mating tire as well (after getting to the gate).
what's hapen whith JAL????
linbb 1
Oh well another non starter story.
And your point? My car has the same sensor and it sure dose not mean the tire is flat!
It's the lawyers, Folks. We all have to COA's with such incidents. Airline or GA, we're all pretty much in the same boat and I don't want to lose my ticket for non-compliance with a minor or otherwise situation.
Been there, done that.
jbqwik 0


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