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Airbus Assures On A380 Break-Even This Year

Airbus Group has assured that its A380 will achieve production break-even this year, as it unveiled a strong full-year commercial aircraft performance. ( 更多...

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Miles Fink 3
I am ok with it if they have to cease production. The Boeing 747 is a better aircraft and always will be the best.
The view of some is that it's cargo space is poor and that's putting off potential buyers .more likely the airports don't want to make the alterations to accommodate it .
I have just enjoyed a long trip on a Qantas 380 and having flown in many 747 and quite honestly they are both great aircraft, its the operator that makes a huge difference, try Qantas on a 380, they were superb and my first time with them.
Ric Wernicke -1
What a laugh. EADS is not breaking anywhere close to even. This puff piece tells us that they have built and delivered 153 planes, and managed to lose money on each one. In their magical thinking world "break even" means the next 153 planes will show enough profit to make up the loss on the first 153 planes.

What they fail to mention is the €11 billion they spent to design the albatross. A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking REAL money!

Hi Ric - actually they do take that into the account "While this does not mean the programme has recouped its development investment, it signals that individual aircraft will no longer be built and delivered at a loss."
And you are privy to the accounting process at Airbus? Why not share with all of us their books so we can judge as well?
Privy? The only privy I have is at my rustic in the Poconos.

Airbus is a public company. Their results are reported using GAAP. You may peruse by following the linky:
Privy is used in the adjective form. And from my reading of the Year 2014 Report, they appear profitable as their other press releases have stated.

Hating Airbus (if it ain't Boeing, I ain't going) distorts one's credibility and advances an agenda, to which I hold no interest in pursuing.
jeff slack 0
Ric! You make too much sense! Thank you for a realistic comment.
No wonder the world is in such a financial mess; few understand finance and investment and they have left comments below.
Strange statement .on what basis is the 747 a better aircraft ? Having looked at all the different aspects can't see anything to back up your statements .maybe your like the old fashioned jaguar owner who who was distraught when the e type was no more .the A380 might not be a looker in some peoples eyes but come on .


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