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Virgin's Branson says flight ban would hurt Russia most

Russia would be the biggest loser if it carried out a threat to ban Western airlines from flying over its territory, Richard Branson, the founder of British airline Virgin Atlantic, said on Friday. "It would cost us quite a lot of money but it would actually cost Russia more money. They charge enormous amounts of money for the privilege of flying over Russia," Branson told Reuters Television on the sidelines of a conference in Kiev. ( 更多...

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Max Power 1
Bahahahahaha, Putin is a lot of things but a coward he is definitely not.
bardew 1
Branson's comment implies that Russia now makes more money from flight fees than it would cost for airlines to pay the additional fuel costs if they were banned from flying over Russia. If so why don't the airlines simply stop flying over Russia, save the fees and pay the smaller amount for additonal fuel?


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