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Bloomberg profile on FlightAware ADS-B Deployment

FlightAware provides real-time flight tracking that’s licensed by companies and accessed by consumers via free mobile apps. The nine-year-old company mainly aggregates data from air-traffic-control organizations and airlines, but it’s able to fill in some holes using the trackers it distributes to anyone willing to climb on top of their houses. Each FlightFeeder device weighs half a pound and is about the size of a soda can. Customers plug in the blue-and-white box and put an antenna on the… ( 更多...

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Ed Berling 1
I'm guessing they don't want/need to put an antenna on my roof since i'm only about 20 miles from both MDW and ORD, but if they did I could easily add it to my Verizon booster and my TV OTA antenna since I don't have cable anymore. No T-shirts though, I have enough of those
If you have a mast on the roof or a tower, then do place the antenna up there. Even if you're close to an airport it's always best that the antenna is installed up as high as you can get it.
Just ask Siri, she will tell you what aircraft are overhead. Seriously though, why not mount them on cell towers? You could have nearly 100% coverage just by using a map of the tower locations and know working radius of a receiver.
That's exactly where the FAA is installing many of their ADS-B stations.

Where have you been installing the ADS-B radio stations?

Radio stations are installed in optimum locations to meet coverage requirements where power and telecommunication services are available. ITT Corp., the vendor in charge of the deployment, works closely with AT&T and other tower companies to gain access to many cell phone towers that can be used for installations.
Guess I do have a good idea cross my mind every once in a while.
Where do you go to sign up for this? I want a t-shirt, and a "warm-fuzzy feeling" wouldn't be bad, either...
smez 1
Now if they would send me one...
Sign me up!!
jim wasson 1
How can I get one of those devices?

Yep, I'm in.
skylloyd 1
Ditto! sign me up...
I too got a T-shirt, like McFadyen, and I also got a warm fuzzy feeling inside!
ffrcobra1 -1
Does the FlightAware box pick-up ADS-B or transponder signals? At least in the US, a lot more planes are equipped with transponders than with ADS-B out.
If you click through the links, you'll find that most (perhaps all) of the supported hardware receives Mode S as well as the older Mode A/C. Obviously, if it's not 1090ES, it's not going to include that accurate position, vector, and identification information.


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