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Introducing the 777X: Boeing's next big bird, with folding wingtips?

As Boeing's troubled 787 Dreamliner returns to the skies, the company is taking another step towards its next new aircraft design: the Boeing 777X. Boeing is expected to start taking orders for its next-gen 777 mid-year, ahead of commercial flights by the end of this decade. ( 更多...

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Considering that Boeing already offered an extended folding wing previously, and that the article says nothing about the engine options changing for the 777-X; having to wait 7 years to get the improved variation is ridiculous. They should certainly be able to have this version available by the time the present production waiting list (3.5 years?) slots would become available for delivery. The only way that it should take 7 years is if Boeing were waiting for a new powerplant to come on-stream at the same time as the fuseulage stretch + the wing modifications.

Otherwise, this looks like an excellent & compelling aircraft. I wonder if QF will ever get past the James Strong declaration that Qantas would NEVER buy the 777?


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