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American Airlines New Livery Now in Service

The new livery lands at San Francisco. One of the best amateur videos I could find. ( 更多...

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JJ Johnson they haven't started painting them because the merger still needs approval from AA's bankruptcy judge and some others... read about the court date here:
biz jets 3
Photo from Aeropacific blog;
I have seen several post of people saying that they have seen repainted aircraft with the new livery....Given the current state of the economy, fuel prices and their never ending desire to cut crew pay it seems to me that using the current paint schemes would just make more sense. Afterall all aircraft have to be replaced anyway at some point....why spend extra money?...Just add the new livery to all planes entering service.
Just saw an EGF ERJ in the new livery fwiw.
the livery is not as bad as I thought it was whenever I first saw it.....I just hate to see the US Airways livery or the US Airways brand go away.....In my opinion it makes it seem as if the US Airways brand failed and was acquired by American when it is actually the other way around.
Well, remember what happened when America West bought USAir?
AWAAlum 0
That's confusing me. I may be reading it wrong. But America West bought US Airways and then the new US Airways bought American. US Air wasn't acquired by American it was quite the opposite. I'm thinkin'.
dgorrell 4
Sorry to be the one to inform you, but USAir (or America West) did not "acquire" anything. American Airlines MERGED with US Airways. The fact that Parker becomes the President of the merged airline means only that the new board selected him for that position - nothing else.

American Airlines, even while in Bankruptcy, has nearly four times the cash reserves, 2 times the employees and 2 times the aircraft and over twice the revenue. AMR Shareholders will own 72% of the merged company which will still be Ft. Worth based and retain the iconic American Airlines name.

Do not fool yourself into believing that US Air "bought" American Airlines.
AWAAlum 0
Do you wonder why?
AWAAlum 0
Incidentally, Parker doesn't become the President of the merged airline - he retains the CEO position.
Burke Files 2
They just go with the strongest brand. I preferred America West as opposed to US Air, but US Air had the stronger brand. American has the stronger brand but the weaker balance sheet - so it goes - it will be known as American... As they have just finalized the internal workings of the America West US Air merger - this one too will take time. (Many of the America West Employees were being paid by an account in the name of America West - even up to last week.)
AWAAlum 1
Thanks for clearing that up for me. I'm retired from AWA and have always been so very proud of the company and how Doug treated us all that I like seeing it receive credit where credit is due.
Nick Hesler 2
Nice! I was there too!

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my thoughts exactly
I'LL MISS THE OLD LOOK easy to ID an AA aircraft in the air the way they are :(
saitek290pro -1
Yeah but they were just so bland and boring, now they really do stand out.
Great Shot. Very Nice. I live right under a north south Airway in South Carolina and I believe I will be able to see this livery very nicely on cloudless days. Thanks for sharing.
my what great eyes you
I have a pretty good set of powerful binoculars. Again I live right under a major airway. Thanks for commenting, I hope you understand now. I guess I did not make that clear at first. My bad.
And yes, depending on the angle and sunlight and conditions I can see the tail. Southwest stands out pretty clearly. British Airways from Heathrow to Miami tails are also pretty clear to me given the right angle. others are so so becaue of the color scheme.
United Express and US Airways are always dead give-aways coming out of Charlotte with the naked eye; I live about 45 miles west of KCLT....Usually everything else is a toss up; no binoculars but I might invest in a set.
Jeffrey Bue 1
I've saw the new Livery on one of American's jets that land at Hickam/PHL this past week. I think it looks great.
The Livery really does stand out now!

I think that they should have called it, US AMERICAN ;after the merger. This would be the best name ever where both names are mentioned in one decal.
US AMERICAN or U.S. American?
Yh, Tim Mitchell. U. S. AMERICAN, would be a great name for the merger.
mpinnau 0
Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen USA South Carolina, could be the spokesperson of US American.
Burke Files 1
I have seen two at DFW with the new design. Looks real nice...
JJ Johnson 1
Have they started painting the US Airways fleet yet? CLT will sure look different under this livery
I HIGHLY doubt it, as they just got started on the current AA fleet.
fundiks 0
Good for AA and US for merging and having the good sense to make the effort to come up with a new livery and logo. Not like the lame UA and CO look. Note the 757 at the end of the video. :p
Quackers -1
Tail looks good, love the design.


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