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Take The Pain Out Of Business Travel. Fly Yourself.

The Cirrus and the Cessna Corvalis TT are part of a new crop of small planes that offer a smarter way for corporate travelers to make the short trips that can take hours on commercial aircraft, this feature says. "For trips under 600-800 miles, it can beat airline times by a huge margin; and on 100-200 mile flights, you’ll be in close competition with corporate jets for performance and a big winner on efficiency," Mark Patiky writes. (From AOPA Aviation eBrief) ( 更多...

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8428N 5
I use my Bonanza for any trip shorter than tanks with 45 minute reserves. A great advantage is the freedom to extend my visit without fear of ticket price increases should a meeting run late or be posponed to the following day. Factor into keeping my shoes on, driving R/T in Atlanta traffic to Hartsfield and landing closer to my final destination. Weather issues in other parts of the country cause ground stops in ATL when it is CAVU here. Factor meals, rental car costs, accomodations decreased stress levels, the higher cost of ticket prices on short notice and the fun factor, G. A. IS HARD TO BEAT!
s20609 2
I am sure that our friends in Kerrville Tx where the Mooney became a hit in the late '60's into the '90s would agree; that "..trips under 600-800 miles, ... beat airline times by a huge margin". However, it is also important to point out that flexibility is needed for 'Mother Nature' and the whims of the weather. Sometimes, the car may beat everyone who travels by air.
Agreed that the Cirrus and Corvalis, + $600,000 flying machines do the job very well.
Absolutely. A trip I fly fairly often is KBTR (Baton Rouge, LA) to KERV (Kerrville, TX). In an older Mooney the trip takes roughly 3 hours. If I flew the airlines, I'd have fly to KSAT (San Antonio, TX), an hour away from Kerrville and although the flight time is about 2 hours total, with the 1 hour connection in KIAH or KDFW, I'm already at 3 hours not counting the 1 hour drive from KSAT to KERV and having to show up an hour early (or more).
Last night my 7:50pm USAIRWAYS flight from DCA to JAN cancelled at 9:20pm. I left DCA at 6am this morning on Delta. I could have and should have flown it in the Acclaim in about 3 and a half. My bad....a mistake I will not repeat.
Joe Hood 1
If only you could fly out of WDCA...
meandude 1
Support the " DC-3". Get your paperwork done and use W32 instead.
Robert West 1
I tried that once, but the wax melted and the feathers all went away. (A little humor to start the day)
The majior's need to take a hard look at this service, fighting lines in airports and rude counter help and baggage, lookout Southwest they are coming to get you.


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