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World's largest passenger plane arrives in Houston

Aug. 1, 2012: The world's largest passenger jet (Lufthansa Airbus A380) lands in Houston in its inaugural trip from Germany. Mark Boyle reports. ( 更多...

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michaelrudo 4
its going to be an epic part and plane spotters be prepared to take some awsome pics for you and flightaware its going to be one awsome party
Photo from the event, ;-)
BC Hadley 4
Thank you for posting, and especially for including a caption.
Frankly I'm amazed that Lufthansa would throw this kind of weight at Houston. Is there really that much traffic to Frankfurt from Houston? Must be.
matt jensen 7
Oil makes friends
I would imagine it would probably be like a bus route.....stop until it's full
Barbara Koy 2
There is a massive amount of passengers to/from IAH to Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a great jumping off place for
other parts of Europe and Africa.
I would imagine it would probably be like a bus route.....stop until it's full
rsbaker 3
Willkomen am Houston!

[This comment was deleted.]

From the KORD Emergency Contingency Plan:

One (1) gate located at the International Terminal has been identified to accommodate an Airbus A380 aircraft. Additionally, one (1) hardstand position has also been identified to accommodate an A380 aircraft.

Specific facility constraints include the following: Facility constraints include restricted and limited movements of the Airbus A380 aircraft. Chicago O’Hare International Airport does not own nor has in its possession, a tow bar capable of accommodating the A380 aircraft. As of the initial DOT reporting date for submission of the Emergency Contingency Plan, a Modification of Standard (MOS) to operate the A380 aircraft at Chicago O’Hare International Airport is in process but has not yet been approved by the FAA.
matt jensen 0
Kinda find that hard to believe - Lufthansa would bring one (towbar) in advance.
Also see:
Clam Shell 1
LOL. 2008. Dang, I haven't seen an A380 in ORD for nearly four years now. Talk about a flight delay ......
The A380 was flying Frankfurt to Miami until April 2012 due to seasonal interest. These days it's 747s again. not sure if the 380 is coming back in this winter.
matt jensen 3
I see it on the Nov schedules
$17000 for first class....ooooohh nooooo....economy please; I'll get there in the same amount of time
Can't wait to get this sexy beast at KORD. For now, 747's and A340's will do just fine.
Ed Schijf 2
Saw the Emirates A380 land at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport this week. Amazing, what a big aircraft!!
Jeff Lawson 2
Flight track for DLH440 --
Clam Shell 2
Someone help me here ... did I read somewhere that Atlanta was getting the 380 next year? Not Lufthansa ... maybe Korean or AirFrance? I did a search and couldn't find anything but I know I saw it somewhere.

Just flew through IAH for the first time ever a couple of weeks ago. That is one big-ass airport! Inside and out.
SootBox 3
Further looking found this, about a month or two after the initial article on the A380 coming to Atlanta... this from the Atlanta Business Journal, Feb, 2012:

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport officials reported Wednesday Korean Air will use the Airbus A380 for its daily service between Atlanta and Seoul, starting as early as January 2013.

The airport has several projects under way to prepare for the massive aircraft’s arrival. Sections of taxiways and a runway are being widened to accommodate the A380 and two adjacent gates on Concourse E (E1 and E3) are being modified to simultaneously serve the double-decker aircraft.
SootBox 1
This is from an old Atlanta Journal Constitution article:

The world’s busiest airport is spending $30 million to make itself accessible to the world’s biggest airliner.

Hartsfield-Jackson International plans to widen taxiways and runway shoulders and make terminal improvements that will enable it to handle the Airbus A380 -- a double-decker widebody that can carry 400 to 525 passengers in typical configurations.

Korean Air is considering a handful of U.S. cities including Atlanta for service with the A380, a spokeswoman said.
Clam Shell 2
Thanks. That's exatcly where I read it, but I forgot. I appreciate the reply!

It seems I heard the same thing some time ago. One way to know is to call the Airport and find out if they are making the necessary adjustments. I'm not sure about other airports, but Dulles is quite old and it took some serious (and seriously expensive) modifications to allow for the A380 to be feasible. I remember the first day it landed, they had replaced the jetway to allow for the larger plane and it got stuck. No one could get on or off! DOH!
I worked at IAD for several years before and after DLH brought the A380 on its tour. There were no modifications made to those gates specifically for the A380. B37/39, B41/43, and B45/47 have always had the jetbridges configured that way to allow for First Class on A340 and 747 to use 1 jetbridge to board while the others use the second jetbridge. Few airlines ever really took advantage of it. The upgrades and extensions to the B Concourse were planned long before the final design of the A380 was ever released.
Conor Ball 1
Who will have the diversion airport?? ex: weather or mechanical issue.
mjgodden 1
Star hub to star hub.
Wonder what is the post flight ground check report of the notorious wings !
Can I drive?
Jeff Hirsch 1
pretty sweet looking cockpit
At least you guys get to see it - I live in Brisbane, and the only flight here so far was quite a few years ago on the A380 promo tour.
I thought the pictures were a little disappointing. The story of the A 380 is the inside. The quality of the photos was also disappointing for being from a TV station with access to high tech toys. I've truly seen better resolution from a box camera. I wonder what Boeing will answer the challenge with.
Matt Hauke 1
True, but the video quality is HD.
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Lufthansa Airbus A380 Coming into Houston Bush...

Today, Lufthansa will be the first airline to introduce the Airbus A380, the world’s most technologically-advanced and largest passenger aircraft, to the Lone Star State...
Shadowstarz 0
its stupid, that the same time and same destination costs you THOUSANDS of Dollars for no critic reason!
matt jensen -1
I guess it's news for Houston, but that Lufthansa jet has been in regular service to/from Miami since Dec-Jan (?).
Yeah, same for Dulles. But i still love watching it everyday. Pretty awesome! Except here it's Air France. Still the 747 et al for Lufthansa.
michaelrudo -2
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A380 Coming to Houston

Get ready Houston, Texas to Welcome the A380

In less than 3 days, Texas will welcome the world's largest passenger aircraft.
Will you join us for the party?

A380 Houston Party
WHEN: Wednesday, August 1, 2012
**Noon - 2:00 p.m.
**Should the A380's schedule change, we will update our web page the morning of August 1,and Tweet. Please be sure to check back then and/or follow @iah on Twitter.

WHERE: FM 1960, just EAST of Farrell Rd, Houston, TX 77066

We have CONTESTS planned and LOTS of prizes are up for grabs!
Music provided by Das Ist Lustig Band
Meet the Airport Rangers
Free Snacks & Drinks provided
Special gift for each attendee
Yodeling Contest
Luggage Packing Contest
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Open to the public
The A380 is on its way....--- Content taken from
Yeah, same for Dulles. But i still love watching it everyday. Pretty awesome!
I work near Dulles (right off McLearen), and more than once I've gotten to watch it take off to the south while I was driving toward Rte 28 on my way home. Awesome sight.
those Germans they have it all organized into perfection, I cannot believe all trips to Houston are sold out they made a smart move not surprisingly!


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