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Antonov AN124 visits Shaw AFB this week

Not sure why. Anybody know anything about where this originated? Wish I'd been down there. I do some business with some construction firms currently working on the base. ( 更多...

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Brian Bishop 1
Well, heck. That was easy enough.

ComSat and other gear headed to Korea. Was supposed to go to Joint Base Charleston but diverted to Shaw due to rumway repairs in Chucktown. A guy I know flys C-17's from there. I'll have to rib him about them having to call in a "bigger unit"!
conmanflyer 1
so, why are we putting american equipment on Russian aircraft with a Russian crew?
honza nl 2
because we live in an open and capitalistic society, with foreign trade. If everybody expects his or her own country to use only domestic equipment brought by domestic planes Boeing and Lockheed would be bancrupt already, and many US workers out of business. Making money out of trade and exports means you also import things and use others for jobs.
other reasons could be that foreign companies sometimes offer better equipment for the job...
Lack of airlift capability in the USAF, because it's on other missions. They've used AN-124s for years to carry equipment on some missions.
Alex Clemons 1
Also the fact that the Antonov has a larger capacity than any American equipment. The 124 can carry some stuff that the C-5 can't. And regards to what you said with lack of aircraft, it's definitely cheaper to throw everything on one aircraft rather than using a couple C-17's.
boatin1 1
The C-5A will not carry private cargo like a GE generator its the only aircraft available to carry it.
Mark Michaels 1
USDOD is #1 user of AN-124s to move military equipment usually to Middle East or Afghanistan. ULA also uses AN-124s to move rockets from Huntsville, AL to Vanderberg AFB in CA under special authority as its the only available aircraft which can do the job.
Robb Hodges 1
DoD has used CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet) and DoD as well as some US logistical airlift companies sub-contract awarded lift contracts to the 'civilian owned' AN-124 or AN-225. I saw or loaded/unloaded them daily while deployed. Only aircraft I saw with a '1-800' number painted onthe fusalage. Cargo continues to outsize DoD aircraft or exceed DoD airlift capabilities. The USAF C-5 A/B/C continues to age and some have even been retired to the desert and given their final resting place.
From Shaw, the Antonov did a fuel stop at DTW and then went direct to ANC. I'm not sure of it's whereabouts after that.
Brian Bishop 1

andrew tobin 1
Dunno about that one, but we've had one come for a day or two every few weeks here in IAD. Last I checked, he was still out there.
Jeffrey Babey 1
I had a AN124 fly over me on mail route several months ago on it's way to KMSP, they most definately don't sound like American made military aircraft. Surprised the hell out me when it flew over.
Jeffrey Babey 1
Oops! forgot the "my" before mail route
weier996 1
Hey, i am a spotter at MSP and missed the Antonav 226 couple months ago. How do you guys know when these planes are coming here? Appreciate some feed back. thx
Jeffrey Babey 1
Liam, I had no idea either. The AN225 arrived here on a Sunday then left on Monday. The AN124 flew over me as I was working my mail route in East Bloomington around American Blvd. (79th) about 3 days after that. I wish I knew of a site where we could get advanced notice of these big russian jets flying into KMSP.
weier996 1
Is there a website that tells you when these planes are coming here?
ltcjra 1

And dowmload the 2 page booklet on the 124 dimensions page. This baby can carry 53 conventional sized automobiles on a double deck system developed by Vol-Dep.
weier996 1
Jeffrey Babey 1
No problem...I will check out all your photo's as I see most were taken at Minneapolis/St Paul International.
keith crabill 1
This giant landed at gsb seymour johnson afb a couple months ago.........And also had a visit to iso kinston,nc believe or not............Im still having a hardtime believing iso had a runway long enough for a plane like that.
Jeffrey Babey 1
The runway at GSB is almost 12,000 feet long, very capable of handling a AN124
Ken Lane 1
This post sucks without pictures!
I have seen these at Stewart. The 124 is just a little bigger than the C5. They are being used by a Russian cargo transporter.
Chereskin 1
My father out in California snapped a photo and sent it to me on July 1, it was at ONT. Have a photo of it behind the fence, a beast.
Robb Hodges 1
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