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United prepared for switch to a single computer system

So-called cutover, scheduled for March, carries risks of disruptions for customers, but airline has taken extensive measures to ensure it will go smoothly ( 更多...

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canuck44 2
I have a trip to Mexico scheduled in March via IAH...right in the middle of the switch. I don't know how the combined system could possibly work any worse than my end of year Continental experience through there to LAS then SFO and back. Two of us managed to leave RSW on a single locator but were electronically separated and returned with six unrelated locators between us.

Word of advise for travelers during this period....print out and carry your E-ticket number as this seems to be the only way they can find your account at Continental.
You should be fine. IAH is a CO Hub and UA is dropping their computer system in favor of CO's. We here with UAX at IAD are having a fun time steadily transitioning over. It's still probably going to be a little rough on March 3, but we'll do our best to be ready.
canuck44 1 would think so but IAH and the Continental system was what screwed me over in December/January. I will hope you are right.

On the other hand, I do have a trip to Nova Scotia booked for June and just got a change of flight numbers and times from Continental...complete with three brand new Confirmation numbers completely unrelated to the original set.

Again....keep your E-ticket numbers....they are cumbersom but stay the same.
preacher1 2
Besides being a partner in a trucking company, I also handle the IT. I have never seen a changeover of any type, even when we just change out servers and it is a direct data copy, that something unexpected doesn't happen, minor or major, despite the planning. All I can say is that I wish these folks the best. Their one saving grace is that they say they are in a position to put all back as it was. We have never been able to do that once we are well into it. There is a point of no return there. Like I said. Good Luck.
Keeping my fingers crossed. After years as a UA 1K loyalist, I will say CO's web functionality is far superior to the abysmal united.bomb, and the CO iPhone app is the best in the industry. No doubt there will be a few bugs in this major integration, which in reality, is to be expected. Just hope they're minor and resolved quickly
Hopefully its not the same people who did the cutover for Virgin America...
KC Hoover 1
No doubt Murphy's Law will happen during this change over, it always does to some extent.
Having been involved a few times in switch over of large computer systems. For the most part, they went smooth - oh a few small problems. And when it goes wrong, well . . . .

Hope this merging into a single computer system goes smooth. Depends upon how much time they have practice it to try and avoid problems.
alistairm 1
Geez and someone had the audacity to comment on one of my stories with, "It must be a slow news day". This is like watching paint dry.... boring!
pacalvin 1
I spent 45 minutes on the phone with United 2/2 and 2/7 due to a canceled flight with a reschedule that would have missed connections, and no notice sent to me about it. Even after they fixed my missed connection with me paying for a hotel room and having to fly to my connection a day early, they still didn't update the reservation until my second call due to their staff being trained on Continental reservations system and low staffing at United. Anything has to be better than United. Poor PR, poor customer service, making their training time my problem.
KC Hoover 1
Sounds very stressful and a really miserable time. Hope the next trip is better.


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