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Woman Chooses To Spend 8 Days In Airport Over Bag Fees

With only $30 to her name, the Sonoma native was virtually broke and looking to start afresh in Idaho. She booked a ticket from San Francisco to the Gem State on the travel website Orbitz but, because she purchased her ticket before a new federal law went into effect requiring ticket brokers to disclose all hidden fees, Weissinger was unaware of the extra $60 U.S. Airways would charge at the airport to check her two bags. ( 更多...

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Chip Hermes 0
Matt Zimmon 0
Why do people think that airlines are charities? Fees are the only thing keeping the airlines profitable and keeping them from having to lay off even more employees than before.
alistairm 0
I really don't think that there was any intention by the woman to take the airline for a charity. As a matter of fact, she even offered to leave one of her bags behind to cut down on the baggage fees, implying that she was willing to use what money she had to pay for baggage fee. Have a little more sympathy for the people who have landed on hard times in the last couple of years.
Toby Sharp 0
ra tarded
Honey Badger woulda paid...
Incorrect. Honey badger don't care he would have boarded the plane anyway.

I wonder if she went to the food court... thanks for the scraps stupid
John Steele 0
That woman makes the list of 'stupid people at the airport'. Wow, to the nth degree.
alistairm 0
"stupid people at the airport" list? If there was a "stupid people on Flightaware", i would make sure you were number one.
1549us 0
The things people will do these days.
Stupid person?? I am so glad your all so smart here at FlightAware. Not everyone is as brilliant as you all! Especially those who do not fly very often, but what the hell. Lets kick someone even further into the ground.

First for some of you Ivy League rejects, please do not tell me that between some of the airline unions ((ALPA) and the corporations, lets not mention the airports themselves there is not financial waste...That is pure bullshit and you know it. Yes the lines are not charities, but they also need to be more reasonable to peoples plights or at least guide them to agencies for aid. You know like Travelers Aid, the Churches, Red Cross... Not pass the bullshit TSA and line regulations to weasel out from assisting someone in need.

What bullshit...
indy2001 0
Nice attitude. Anyone who disagrees with your point of view is an Ivy League reject? You can't seem to make a point without resorting to profanity, so I'd say there is no room for you to question anybody's intelligence.
Sounds like you feel as though we have some government given "right to fly". I'm not defending the airlines but as an industry they sure have a huge faillure rate. I don't fly commercially any more than I have to because of cost and what we are now subjected to (and I'm not just talking about the TSA). Getting caught between a rock and a hard place is no sin and being poor is no sin. 8 days though?
doc brown 0
IF the airlines / orbitz had been upfront about ALL fees she would not have been in that position. hidden fees - add ons = unfair practice. the PTB should have acquesed to that and sent her on as someone there must have the authority to allow that on a case basis. adding $150 as insult is above and beyond. however - is she was departing from SFO - did she have no place to go besides hanging out at the airport? as usual I doubt all the facts have been presented.
linbb 0
Gee what was she going to do when she got to Idaho for money? One can only wonder as dont think that there was much inbetween her ears except air. Why should she expect any more than what happened to take place. There are no free rides out there unless she expected some man to step in for help and what does he get in return? Get real lady go home or go someplace else and get on with your poor excuse for a life.
People think airline travel is an entitlement. It's not the airline fault this lady went thru this. I bet they hear excuses all day long on why someone can't pay the price. That's the problem nowadays. Let's point the finger at the big bad corporation trying to make a buck for their stockholders, and let's sit around and feel sorry for this woman and have the dumbass government intervene. This lady is probably the type that would go to a restuarant and order a T-bone, but only have enough money for a side salad, but expects the T-bone because the people next to her have one. This really pisses me off.
indy2001 0
While I'm sure she is a nice enough person, why not save some money? I just did some quick checking and found that Greyhound charges $199 for a ticket from San Francisco to Idaho Falls, while USAir's cheapest ticket is $415. Yes it takes a bit longer, but she would have had $200 more when she got to Idaho.
Toby Sharp 0
"Airlines have blamed increased fuel costs as the reason behind increasing both the number and severity of these additional fees."

See! They should be sending me money... You know how much money I saved the airlines because I drive instead of fly? Where's my reward?!? I believe it's time for me to join the freeloaders camped out in NYC.
Maybe she was scamming, maybe she wasn't. Haven't anyone of you given to a person who was asking for handouts whether they looked genuine or not??? We have all been scammed at some point in our lives, the government and big banks are doing it. If at least once in your life you give to someone, whether they are truly in need or not, I'm sure one day the favor will be returned...
Mike Aldapa 0
Southwest no bag fees.
Everybody gotta fly like a big dog. When you got 30 bucks you shouldn't even be on airport property, where everything is overpriced by a factor of three. Try Greyhound. I think bags are free and they probably can beat 8 days arrival time. Airline travel is not cheap if the carrier is going to make money. Only been cheap when so many loose hundreds of millions. Duh!! Go figure.
linbb 0
You said it best she didnt have the money in the first place to even be on the airport but probalby had some guy on the line in Idaho that she found on line and was going to put her up for a while and then she would stiff him and move one. Should have used her thumb and hitched a ride the old fashoned way.


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