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FAA investigates close call between Cessna, giant C-17

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a reported near-midair collision between a single-engine Cessna 150 and a giant C-17 military cargo plane last month just south of Wasilla. A pilot in the private plane reported the Sept. 20 incident to the FAA and is calling, in a letter copied to Alaska's two U.S. senators, for military planes to fly at higher altitudes in the region to avoid crashes with smaller aircraft. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson officials say there was no… ( 更多...

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Back when I did do some aviating I was on a solo flight over SC when a private jet descended right off the noise of the 172 I was flying....I guess he was trying to get into Donaldson Center because he was hauling A%% on the way down....funny thing was I dont think they saw me until we made eye contact and ATC kinda had a oh S$#@ sound to his voice whenever they radioed up to see if I was times
Soooooo.....why cant the GA aircraft practice over another site north of Wasilla...It's pretty obvious that the air base isn't gonna just pick up and move.
I notice that her position was never mentioned. Could they have been in the wrong place at the wrong time praticing?.
thats what I was thinking....but I am just a one time student pilot and she has thousands of hrs teaching people how to fly through restricted airspace and possible killing themselves.....I wonder what would happen if she brought her flying style down here to the lower 48 around the big three up in DC.
chalet 0
Number of years ago a friend of mine, a full ATP captain with 12,000 hrs. under his belt was flying a 707 just south of Cuba when an Air Force KC-135 refueling an F-4s crossed right in front and at a somewhat lower altitude; he estimated that they were half a mile at the closest point. Miami Radio reported not knowing anything about that military traffic. Obviously Boyeros Radio (Havana ATC) was not aware of it either. I asked the obvious question: whose fault and he said that it was not the first time that military traffic showed up unexpectedly anywhere even under full IFR conditions right along or crossing airways at the assigned altitude of commercial traffic, and ATCs did know anything nor filed any complaint. Cowboys anyone?
It happens alot. If she cant take the heat, she needs a new hobby. Something you will just have to get use to in Alaska with all those aircraft in close proximity like that.
Based on this article, it looks like the C-17 training course is pretty standard, and available to the public. Seems like this is something a flight school at an airport in close proximity to this training route should be aware of and avoid...
agreed......since she is so quick to quote the FARs doesnt it also cover flying in and over restricted airspace....and with her close proximty shouldn't she have had the base tuned in with Wasilla on stnby....just saying
Gene Nowak 0
Another case of the student and instructor with their heads in the cockpit instead of out the window in VFR. Sounds like the instructor needs some retraining.

Do they really think the C17 should have flown over them? You don't want to experience the turbulence from the engines and wing tip vortices in a 150.


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