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Try a Private Jet, at Public Prices

FLYING in a private jet may not be as far out of reach as you think. Though it’s still not cheap, prices are rivaling first- and business-class tickets — and even, occasionally, coach — thanks in part to new Web sites, social media and a greater willingness by charter companies and private jet brokers to negotiate in an era of high fuel prices. ( 更多...

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turbo6go 0
Very interesting concept, yet I'm sure the Fed's would want to take a hard look at the procedures
Roger McHugh 0
Glad to see some good press on GA...but comparing "private jets" to first/business class travel and then giving an example of one of the smallest jets in the world on a <400nm leg is a bit silly. The op cost on a Phenom is $500/hr, so the operator isn't trying too hard to sell that leg (at $500 for a one hour flight)...and I'm not sure how the passengers get back home.
joefly09 0
Well it would be nice that a one price would include a family of 4 to one destination and return. What is the average price for a 1200 mile tirp?
Daniel Baker 0
At the discount price it seems like $2400 RT, but I don't think you can get a return on the empty legs and in the airplane quoted, I'm not sure you can load a family of four with the crew and luggage....and I don't think that plane can go 1200mi.
preacher1 0
Well, the one key thing in the article is that you must be flexible. Most business travelers aren't.They are on set timetables for meetings etc. and cannot wait until last minute to book.
john lehman 0 This is a link to BlueSkyTaxi. An airtaxi in the Chicago Area. They post Empty leg flight for 50% off. Mention G.A. Racing and get a discount on top of it.
Jackson Berry 0
Do most of the flights on private jet companies have a co-pilot (assuming the plane is single-pilot certified) or do you think they'd allow a "passenger" to sit up front?
turbo6go 0
Really depends on the companies internal policy,If the aircraft is certified for single-pilot operations, having a passenger sit in the right front seat is legal
George Haksch 0
Good to know....
Daniel Baker 0
If they publish a schedule, advertise it, and sell seats to the public, how is that not an airline? The model of group buys might work, but it seems that they would need to be regulated like an airline...with airport security.
gunman1 0
They're FAA part 135 and regulated very much like an airline, an on-call airline.
turbo6go 0
Yes, but if they were to publish a schedule on a regular basis, they could not fly under 135 rules and would have to upgrade to 121 rules which would be most likely cost prohibited.


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