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Federal regulators to formally ban e-cigarette use on planes

The U.S. Department of Transportation plans to issue an official ban of smokeless electronic cigarettes on airplanes this spring, according to the Associated Press, citing a letter from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. ( 更多...

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Chris Bryant 0
I have no problem with this. I've been around people "smoking" these things. While not as bad as tobacco, they still smell funny.
Daniel Baker 0
I like that the president of one of the companies only considered it "somewhat disappointing"
99NY 0
Aww, where are people going to inhale my mist of strange chemicals now?
LOL @D Baker... at least it's not very disappointing!
Root User 0
But big bowls of chili are still legal!
If only we could outlaw in-flight farting .... :)
Marcus Pradel 0
@Root - chili is legal, but only if you don't look foreign & plan to spend prolonged periods in the Lav.

While i don't defend smoking inside airplanes, you need to ban gum chewing, and tobacco chewing too.
Steve Jasper 0
We should ban people who wear noxious aftershaves and perfumes or just ban people who smell funny. What about that funny blue water smell coming from the lavatory? I would promote the right to eat smelly cheese and boiled cabbage with a bowl of spicy chili.
WeatherWise 0
Okay, if you're sucking on electronic cigarettes, I'd say Greyhound is more your style of travel.
Raman Gupta 0
Why is the FAA even involved -- is it a safety issue? If airlines want to ban them, that is their choice as private operators.
Tim Smith 0
@Scott, fully agree with you....even though I tend to be guilty myself.

I have only been around an e-cigarette once and it smelled just like a regular one. And the whole idea of banning normal cigarrettes came from damage the smoke did to the plane right? So wouldn't the smoke from the e-cigs contain the same harmful byproducts?
Anne S. 0
My husband was in the hospital recently and was allowed to use his e-cigarette. Now if that isn't saying something I don't know what is. If the hospitals allow it, they must feel it's not a health issue. It is just a water vapor in the air, and doesn't harm anyone. People should check the facts first before complaining. Before you know it they'll ban you from passing gas on a plane because it puts gas in the air.
I think they don't have allewed it, because it's an elloctronic article and they can think in other uses to make damages. I thin so
stevensoap 0
I have always wanted to get on board with a 25 lb sack of peanuts in the shell and just pass them out to anyone that wants some. ow that would be some "clean up"
corrections: allowed and I think so
jim garrity 0
DOT? Even the FAA isn't saying anything(yet). It's a H2O vapor that that does not cling to anything,(like out-flow filters or walls or seats!) If you sneeze,you put more harm in the air. Just another way for the feds to try and run,(ruin) our lives!
sstuff 0
Is it November yet?
jim garrity 0
Fernando, it's OK, my fingers go on their own sometimes!
jst1592 0
As a very frequent flyer, then, when, is astoundingly bad BO outlawed?!.
Garry Parker 0
If it's electronic, and can cause enough heat to vaporize water, it could potentially be a detonator. On that basis alone they should be banned. As far as needing it as a crutch, here's a tip: quit. Just quit, cold turkey. I did. My year anniversary was 9/7. I did it on a trip to Chicago. Airline flight, rental car, hotel room and visiting the in-laws was all the time I needed to kick it. Just do it. ($1 to Nike)
Chris Donawho 0
Feds controlling us more... Gary, Congrats on the anniversary of quitting smoking... Quitter!!! As for myself, I quit about 5 minutes ago, but I plan to pick up the habit right after this beer, some black tar heroin and perhaps a $20 rock.


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