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After years of delays, Boeing 787 Dreamliner gets FAA certification

After years of setbacks and delays, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner was certified Friday by the U.S. government as safe and ready to fly passengers. ( More...

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linbb 0
Already reported read before you post please.
Wesley White 0
And the article Casey is referring to was published yesterday. Read before you post, please.
Danish Nelson 0
We know already
Aaron Donnelly 0
Way to go Boeing!
Karim Temsa 0
Already Royal air maroc flew its 787 between milan casablanca and paris orly casablanca, its reg is CN-RGE, is flying today 29 august between Orly and casablanca if any spotters out there
Brian Bishop 0
Gotta make a trip to CHA to see 'em roll off the line down there one day soon.
Brian Bishop 0
And OF COURSE there will be pictures!
Karim Temsa 0
sorry, guys last minute change, the plane is flying right now to london heathrow, just took off from Casablanca,!/RAM800H
Karim Temsa 0
i know flightradar24 didnt' updated it as 787, it mentions 737, but i assure you it's 787., any lhr fellas look out around 17hxx today 29august.
John Casebeer 0
I have always loved Boeing aircraft and there ability to launch new products and ideas e.g. 707 and 747. I feel pretty confident the 787 will be a fine airplane but the mismanagement by Boeing of the development program, providers/contractors and others has been alarming. If they do this again on the newer 787 or 737NE they will pay dearly as Airbus can and will surpass them over the years. Come on Boeing get with it.
chalet 0
Karim Temsa are you implying that the Royal Air Maroc is already flying commercial service with paying passengers now?. If so you are totally wrong, they can't do that yet. If indeed it is a 787 it should be flying still under Boeing total responsibility -testing, troute proving, pilot training, whatever- but not one dinar being charged to anyone on board. Be patient, my friend.


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