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Why JSX Thinks It is the Right Fit for Small Towns

In an interview, JSX’s CEO said he believes his carrier is well-equipped for small community air service, and potentially even EAS contracts. ( More...

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Dan Nelson 2
Dillon Colorado has banded charging cars in garages because there has been so many fires.There has been a huge push to promote electric without knowing the total picture of all that is involved from the use of the battery powered cars, bikes,toys and now aircraft.There is just too much to investigate,test and approve be fore jumping into the deep end here,not to mention the impact of the waist issue at the end of life factor for the batteries. Nothing but a government money grab at this point.
linbb 0
Notice that the true cost of charging for EV cars has come up and its not cheep so one would think the same would be true with aircraft. And here again battery weight becomes the biggest problem and that so far has not been solved. All of the new electric aircraft that have been converted didnt work as they had on payload left after the battries were put in.
Dan Nelson 1
Everyone is looking for the free money from the government for anything that is electric! Nothing but a money grab.
Burke Files 1
Having researched the EV industry and come to the very sound conclusion that but for government handouts it would collapse - EA smells similar. No Government dosh, no EAs.
Ken Jackson 4
Don’t forget to include the significant subsidies long enjoyed by established carriers when dissing the role new tech and sharp business models. And, don’t get me started on the misinformation dismissing EV and PHEV autos.
Burke Files 1
The research I conducted on EV with two other international economists came to some very simple and fact-based conclusions. EVs are viable in some roles not all roles. Local suburban driving and delivery vehicles are excellent applications. EVs (with current technology) are not well-suited for longer driving or for city dwellers because of charging issues, and they are only in limited use for trucking because of the weight of the battery. The subsidies, tax credits, and grants handed out cut the cost of charging a great deal - sans subsidies, the cost per gallon energy equivalent rises to be between $8.20 and $17.3. And YES, the aircraft manufacturers and carriers get tax credits and subsidies, and those, too, should stopped.

Ron Slater 1
My bet is that this will go the way of the EV. Fun idea, but not practical
Dan Nelson 1
Not suitable for winter or long distances.We have had several charging fires in our city. There has not been enough testing and real life experience with EV vehicles yet. However, electric golf carts work pretty well?
Brian Freeman 0
Ever seen an EV sedan catch fire?? Ponder that awhile.
btweston 0
Hey what do you guys think of EVs?


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