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United 737 MAX Engine Fire Prompts NTSB Investigation

The US NTSB has decided to investigate an engine fire on the Boeing 737 MAX. Although the flight landed safely and none of the passengers or crew have been harmed, it is still unknown how the fire may have happened. ( More...

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linbb -2
Well lets see another old news repost they would investigate it anyway no matter if it was a Cessna Citation or an Air Bus AC.
Still interesting to know though. A barely 3-year-old aircraft with practically new engines…
btweston -5
Although this has nothing to do with the janky crutch system that decides to smash the plane into the ground and kill everyone, this doesn’t exactly put a “hooray!” on the ol’ MAX résumé.
linbb -4
What the heck are you supposedly talking about? This is just a fire in the aux engine which has happened on other aircraft over the years. NOTHING GOOD OR BAD when it comes to the MAX.
C J 2
I think you should be the one being questioned here. The aux engine? For the love of god, please stop posting comments on this site.
Gloria Johns 0
You crack me up, CJ. I'm a fan.


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