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The $100,000 Experience on National Geographic's Private Boeing 757

National Geographic offers a host of luxury excursions around the world, but these itineraries come with a hefty price-tag. What does a $100,000 trip on a leased private Boeing 757 entail? ( More...

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Joseph Hopkins 8
what a grand way to fight global warming.
So an ‘organisation’ that celebrates the diverse natural world out there has a Private Jet for excursions for the ultra-rich - trashing the same environment.

You could not make that brand reputation damage up.
Byron Russell 12
Don't you get it? To save the planet YOU have to stop using oil, travel less, stop eating meat, turn down the thermostat in winter, etc. Not them. They can continue on because their hearts are pure.
21voyageur 2
Sad to say but this is an example of how the power of branding can be used to manipulate consumer beliefs/confidence. All for the purposes of profit. At the end of the day, Disney is the majority shareholder and Disney is in business to provide shareholder equity (not make kids happy) and their board determines how they do that. The National Geographic brand may take a bruise on this one if the public domain chooses to make it an issue. My two cents.
Joe Westerlund 11
Neil...of course. It's exactly what this global warming, tree hugging group of folks do. It's NOT about the environment, it's about the money.... I love this 757 though!!! Be a nice home...
David Purtz 6
10 stops in three weeks, first class all inclusive at $100k is not a bad deal considering what it would cost to do them all separately.
Supercool Marmol 3
Taking notes from Disney?
matt jensen 3
How much CO2 per paz per leg? So much for climate change
Mike Mohle 0
Oh the horror! Maybe those guilty libs can purchase carbon offsets from Algore.
ko25701 5
Finally, someone is making air travel a special experience again. Yes, it's expensive but you don't have to put up with the Greyhound Bus experience that other airlines offer. That price stings a bit, but assume it's all inclusive.
David Purtz 1
Air France La Première class!!
David Savile 2
"Unfortunately there are no pictures of the interior"

There are: scroll down
EMK69 4


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