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FedEx pilots unhappy as UPS, United take lead on new contracts

UPS and United have taken the lead on new contracts with their pilot unions. Other airlines are taking a wait-and-see approach. ( 更多...

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avionik99 5
Reading what the United pilots will get in their new contract we can only expect more flight cancellations in the future.
tcnine 2
If they “get” what’s in their contract proposal it’s because they voted to approve it. Speaking to several UAL pilots there’s a chance it will not pass.

tcnine 2
United’s contract proposal is underwhelming given the pilot’s bargaining position due to the pilot shortage. I dare say FedEx pilots (nor SWA, AA, or DAL pilots) do not envy what’s been proposed. It’s a pity that once again the bargaining agent for many carriers, ALPA, has failed at the negotiating table. It’s an oft repeated, tired story.
Leander Williams 2
Are there any HAPPY pilots anymore? I used to have to participate in collective bargaining from a company standpoint, and it was the one part of the job I hated. The best people in the company would turn on the employees and sometimes each other to save a dollar. I don't envy airlines OR pilots in this scenario. Sometimes give and take is not give and take. It ends up being take it or leave it.
sparkie624 1
Very few it would seem!
patrick baker 2
FesEx pilots are not the abused troop of boy and girl scouts they would have you to believe. To get an idea of where salaries and benefits might go, one ought to look at this years's results and projections for the next few years. COmpare against UPS and United and go from there. Be unhappy publicly as one wishes, but expenses (salaries, benefits) still must magically fit into a yearly operation that still yields a profit both for growth and stock distributions and executive bonuses. Gotta have those......
Stefan Sobol 2
While different companies' pilot unions fight in the race to the top of the pay scale, the rest of the airline is in a race to the bottom in terms of customer service. Hmmm, related?
sparkie624 1
Will see what happens...
Thomas King 1


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