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Russian government to invest over $14 billion in domestic aviation industry, wants 80% of civil aircraft to be domestic

The Russian government announced plans to invest over $14 billion in its domestic aviation industry by the end of the decade as the country tries to boost domestic aircraft production. The government’s goal is for 81% of aircraft operated by Russian airlines to be domestically produced by 2030... ( 更多...

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patrick baker 5
if the russian government is projecting out to 2030 using domestically produced aircraft, engines and avionics, then they do not seem to be thinking about raproachment with the west and getting back into the good graces of the international economic order. I question the quantity output being adequate to the needs. The stolen leased aircraft wil shrivel to zero value or so within months, certainly within periods of scheduled checks, with no parts, maybe very few parts available . They can't safely design, build, test, certify and employ adequate numbers of airliners soon enough to satisfy domestic needs. Forget about internation long haul flights. What are we looking at here?
Torsten Hoff 1
The percentage of domestically produced aircraft flying will increase as a consequence of the Western aircraft being grounded.


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