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United Airlines volunteers to deliver baby formula from London

Passenger flights will carry U.K.-made baby formula to the United States, where families are having trouble finding food for their infants. ( 更多...

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Mike Mohle 3
If they did 80 planeloads it will still have almost zero effect on supply, like releasing oil from the SPR.
Eric Kulisch 2
True, probably limited effect. But more than SPR release. More help will come from ramp of domestic production, but it's an important stop-gap to help some people, especially for the specialty formulas that aren't as available. And it shows the administration is trying, not just saying tough luck.
Eric Kulisch 3
Yeah, let's go back to the good-old days 400 years ago. I hate progress.
mbrews 5
Progress is when folks stop putting a halo around avoidable, US government induced crises.

Infant formula. Yet another government induced crisis. Shall we applaud for yet another round of "heroic " airlifts ?

No need for any emergency airlifts, if government officials were competent and did their jobs.

Two years ago - Govt lockdowns. Result : Economy closes up shop. Big Crisis airlifts of Covid supplies, masks, swabs

One year ago - US miltary airlift out of Kabul. We get the sight of fleeing Afghans falling from C-17s during Biden's shameful abandonment.

The debacles keep coming. Now a mal-distribution of formula, arising from incompetence and mismanagement of USDA, FDA.

White House has dubbed the formula airlift as Operation fly Formula.

Operation FF to coin an acronym.

That sure fits the pattern of previous airlifts. they're ALL Operation FF. ( Fix F*ups )
paul trubits 2
The government induced the crisis because they shut down a factory that was deemed unsanitary
mbrews 1
The "siloing" of agencies led to this debacle.

the mal-distribution arose, because Federal W.I.C. formula supply contracts are awarded basically winner-take-all for an entire State or Region. W.I.C.= Women Infants Children food program

So, if your state was unlucky & supplied by the single low bidding "unsanitary manufacturer ",
that led to nothing, nada, shipped to your local grocery or pharmacy for quite a while.
Eric Kulisch 1
I think that's a fair point. One of big contributors.
mbrews 2
Hmmm Trouble finding food for infants ?

" Caring, nurturing mothers have volunteered to deliver breast milk directly to their babies for centuries. "

All natural ingredients.

Those moms never need or expect outside heroics
such as crisis-driven emergency supplies

By all accounts - an avoidable, US government induced shortage
Larry Toler 1
Unfortunately, not all women can produce enough milk to breastfeed. Despite my wifebeing top heavy, she just couldn't produce milk.

I do agree though, an avoidable induced shortage.


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