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If Airplane Seat Belts Don't Fit You, Here's How To Get An Extender

Seat belts on planes aren't nearly as size-inclusive as they should be. This advice will help you advocate for yourself on your next flight. ( More...

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coinflyer 4
Best thing about asking for an extender and they're out is the result: you're either upgraded to business class or thrown out because you can't buckle up! But they always have an extra one because it's what the flight attendants use to demonstrate seatbelt operation at the start of every flight.
ADXbear 4
The seat, the belts and esp the lavatory are stupid small, at ,6'5" and 285 none of these fitme well. Even in business class, the Faf F',er comment here is really uncalled for and classless, bet you wouldn't say that to the person's face! Coward.
I have and would again. There’s no reason to be inconvenienced by someone grossly overweight. Plus, it’s a good way to an instant upgrade. But I agree that the lavs are too small, both for people of your stature and for the simply overweight, especially since the stats show that over 60% of Americans are clinically overweight or obese.
bbabis 2
Not going there.
avionik99 1
If the seat belt does not fit you as is? Your too fat! I hate when a too fat person sits next to me and spills over! I paid for the entire seat area! I will take it! That arm rest comes down and Stays Down! Buy 2 seats you fat f***er!

Marty Martino 6
While I’ll agree with your comment, I’ll add that the seats are too GD small for a population getting fatter!


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