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Airfares are going up. Blame full planes, not fuel prices

Jet fuel prices are soaring along with other fuel costs. So are airfares. Blame the return of passenger demand — rather than fuel prices — if you pay more for a flight this spring or summer. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 10
Airlines are cutting back on the number of flights due to escalating fuel prices, which in turn leads to fuller planes on the remaining flights.

So yeah, fuel prices are to blame.
Don't forget staffing issues. Regional airlines dba United Express have also cut service due to pilot shortages.
Greg S 1
Childish nonsense, all factors contribute to prices, fuel costs are among the most significant.

Roy Hunte 1
Communist News Network at it again with their balderdash.
linbb 1
Another troll I see wow must be a slow play day again working from home?


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