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Twitter Comments Show That Airline Service Quality Has Bombed This Summer Amid Widespread Staff Shortages

You’d think that with U.S. airlines carrying roughly 10% to 20% fewer travelers this summer that those carriers would be recording some of the highest numbers of positive customer comments and lowest numbers of customer complaints ever. But you’d be wrong – waaaay wrong. ( 更多...

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patrick baker 7
tough to deliver proper service when the bikergangs invade the cottillion, lacking the manners and appreciations of the proper people. That being said, the perfect storm of : sardine packing in seats too numerous across-wise, stand-up mini bathrooms with the mess that guarntees, over-cramming of the overheads, and the extra time it takes to load up steerage, who has to walk past those with better seating with their noses held up in the cabin air, have combined to make preflight as good as the flight gets, and created a new class of flight attendants- the jack rabbits- hardly seen and seen only for brief spurts. No drink service, no meal service, no service really at all for that remarkable cheap airfare. Anybody really surprised? How many fights in business or first class?
avionik99 7
The quality of passengers has also dropped like a rock. With flights so cheap "The People of Wal-Mart" are now flying at an alarming rate! Constant fights breaking out, people smoking, mask issues, and the unbathed is out of hand!


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