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Woman drank, vaped, refused mask on flight to Charlotte. Now she’s been fined $17,000.

A woman who was kicked off her flight to Charlotte in February for drinking alcohol, trying to vape and refusing to wear a mask has been hit with a $17,000 fine by the Federal Aviation Administration. The woman was flying from Key West, Fla., to Charlotte on a Republic Airways flight on Feb. 28, according to the FAA. The agency says it has seen a nearly 300% increase in cases of unruly passengers so far this year compared to the number of incidents reported for all of 2020. The penalty was among… ( More...

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Cleffer 37
While I love to see the FAA cracking down on these absolute idiots, this is yet another case of someone who can't handle their liquor. While I understand she brought her own alcohol on board and tried to consume it (an obvious no-no which they make an announcement about on every flight), they are going to end up banning alcohol outright on ALL domestic flights and ruining it for people who enjoy a drink or two when flying. We'll only have these idiots to thank.
Hugh Schneider 10
Only one moronic, non-compliant, is needed to ruin things for everyone.
it s not one, but literally thousands of flyers who not civilized. i think $17k is cheap for the damages, once you add everything up
Dale Ballok 1
So very true!
Like the troublemaker in class that won’t own up to disturbing the class, so everyone gets a detention!
w1lnx 3
It's not necessarily a case of somebody who can't handle their liquor. There is a mild hypoxia that nearly everyone will experience in air travel as the aircraft cabin is typically only pressurized to about 8,000 ft. This becomes an issue if the passenger is acclimatized to an elevation of about 7-800 ft (Charlotte, NC). By my math, that's an elevation gain of nearly 7,000 ft, which can take several _weeks_ for a healthy person to fully acclimatize. Generally, the first symptom is drowsiness, but also belligerence potentially as an unintentional psychological reaction to the mental drowsiness. Add alcohol and a person may have absolutely no awareness that the alcohol is affecting them quite differently than they could have expected. But, that said, yes, I agree that we do need to see the FAA take action on this type of behavior -- we are all responsible for our own actions and must be held to account for those actions -- whether we're aware of them or not.
Dale Ballok 1
Say what you want, but people have consumed alcohol while flying, either at an airport bar, and/or while airborne for ever!
For some unknown reason, there’s been a change in passenger behavior over the last few years that has created this volatile environment.
Now, ALL passengers will have to suffer for the actions of a few!😩
sharon bias 22
Well, as long as the fines show up as unpaid debts on a credit report, there is hope that they will be paid.
Gordon Musch 9
You are very correct. But what most people do not realize is that your employeer, your insurance company and your bank run monthly reports on your credit worthiness. And this information is then applied too you. Your insurance rates go up, you do not get a job promotion and you are charged higher interest rates by your credit cards and banks. This can double your car insurance rate. Many insurance comnpanies will not write a policy if they feel you are not a good credit risk. This very thing happened to my friend, bankruptcy and bad credit and a DUI and a car accident and his car insruance went to over $1000 a month. They will suffer and I will not feel sorry for them one bit.
alex hidveghy 5
Actions have consequences comes to mind…..
d. thayer 0
Credit ratings cannot be used to set insurance rates in many states now!
Greg S 12
These news reports concentrate on the fine amount but never explain what steps were taken in the adjudication process and where the case currently stands in that process.
alan75035 21
Can't fix stupid...
Robert Raynor 17
Might not be able to fix it, but you can lock it up in jail.
Maybe a dose of that horse de-wormer would help.
Debby Rauh 1
Dale Ballok 1
More and more of these types of people surface every day.
monetary fines are a deterant,particularly large ones,but banning the person from flying on ANY airline for life would work much better..just put their names into they system as a NO FLY ! it is done for other reasons, so this should count as well!
Excellent idea
alex hidveghy 1
Some of them have been!
Others have been fined as well as banned. Double whammy!
Yeah, winners like this probably don't own anything, try to collect.
alex hidveghy 2
But they could afford to fly and pay for seats and checked bags?!🤷🏼‍♂️🤦‍♂️
jeff slack 8 that all?
Jail time and a fine and a lifetime ban from flying.
alex hidveghy 1
Many have had both. See my previous above….
patrick baker 12
good idea to fine these disorderly undesirables, but how are they doing collecting these hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines?
Gordon Musch 5
Another thing they can do is have it adjuducated and then a lein can be placed upon their house. Try selling a house with a lein on it.
ADXbear 9
It's time that ticket agents, and gate agents make it very clear that this kind of refusals will be met with fines ranging from x to z dollars.. on first offense!

Time to be very public about these fines, and should be banned from ANY airline flights for 5 to 10 years...

The charge is interfering with flight crews and safety of flight.
Simon Bed 4
Do these people ever pay the FINES or are they just a legal illusion
Bill Gruber 1
Seldom. Per The Hill as of the end of July 2021 only 2 people have paid and those fines were only $250 each. There doesn't seem to be any attempt to actually collect these fines and it's unclear there even is legal authority to do so.
Sadly, even those EPA fines and other agency fines end up either not being paid, or are negotiated down to a scant fraction of the original amount. It's outrageous and demoralizing to see tax cheats and evil corporations who have been found guilty of massive crimes, in many cases, bilking people of hundreds of millions of dollars, and being found guilty of those crimes, and having massive fines levied against them, end up getting, in secret, those fines reduced to meaningless levels. Corporations don't fear being punished for their crimes, because they are so often able to reduce their fines to ridiculous levels, or just refuse to pay and drag out appeal after appeal for years. It's a damned shame, but it's the 'American Way'. Corporations are the source of the cash in the 'swamp' in DC, and governments across the country, and they are able to get out of just about anything...
Robert Cowling 12
Stupid human tricks, only it's not much of a trick to be a flaming asshole.

The FAA should start banning these idiots for a minimum of 5 years. No bye-bye on a plane. Nope... Next time, DRIVE from Key West to Charlotte! Or walk...
Hope she's on the "no fly" list.
I guess she will argue her "freedoms and rights" were violated.
Ron Thompson 4
I agree with Warren! It's not like she didn't know about masking up. It's on everything from buying the ticket the the flight attendant briefing, along with vaping and drinking! If you don't want to mask up, not vape or drink alcohol, then don't fly ,this should be in big bold sign at ticket counters all over!
Tom May 5
I think she and all that are fined should be put on the no fly list until the fines are paid in full. A repeat violation should put them on the no fly list permanently.
RustySimmons 4
I think a minimum of 1 year on the list regardless of paying it. Otherwise the wealthy can just misbehave, throw money, and do it again. Keep them away from the rest of us for a while.
If the FAA and DOJ truly wants to curtail these instances- Jail time, six digit fines and a lifetime ban from utilizing commercial air. If they don’t really get serious with these idiots it is inevitable that a real tragedy will occurr.
S Walter 2
Everyone takes their mask off to eat, masks on planes are silly. The other violations are the significant ones.
what about the age, I guarantee this person was younger, part of the generation that was brought up being told they can do no wrong, and anyone trying to tell them they are is wrong. The everyone wins a trophy generation. You cant arrest me for stealing, stop me for speeding, I am always right. We have all seen the video's! Now as they get older and actually have rules to follow they cannot handle it. It is only going to get worse as we continue to coddle these brats, and point the finger at everyone else. Throw this brat in jail and ban her for life, then she can cry about it on social media how she can never be wrong and all of the other little brats can clench their fists and scream about it, maybe someday they will learn how to act in society!
Dale Ballok 1
Well said!
Right on point!
David Beattie 2
It is good to see the authorities backing up cabin crews for a change. This low rent should be on a no fly list for ALL airlines.
Chuck Lavazzi 2
Lock her up and ban her from flying. Problem solved. And more air marshals might help.
Michael Hogan 2
Maybe the fines should go to the other passengers who have to put with stupid
Tom Morris 3
Stupid is as stupid does. We have a real crisis in brain power in the US.
Fueled by alcohol and drugs.
I do not condone any of this behavior, but I do blame the airlines whose constant fixation of "seat-miles" has contributed to unpleasant crowding conditions on aircraft. Perhaps folks would not be as stressed if they had a little leg room, if they had real options for something to eat, if there were restrooms bigger than a breadbox, remember like it was fifty years ago. A time when you had a few drinks, but did not think you needed to drink just to get through the flight with your sanity intact.
jeff slack 14
Those options?
That would be called Business Class and it is available on most flights.

Oh? Wait, it costs more?
That is exactly why you do not get bigger seats, better food and better facilities because 99% of Americans only want to pay the lowest fare each way.
I have flown business class when other people are paying. You have to be a bit nuts to fork out 2-4 grand extra if your points have ran out for an upgrade even on a 6 hour flight. I'm talking proper Arab airlines business class not the 90s economy seats sold by some American airlines as business.
Chuck Lavazzi 0
Which is why wevhave been flying business class for years now. Yeah, we take fewer trips because it costs more, but it's worth it. You want a cheap flight, you can get a cheap flight. But it'll be a *cheap* flight. That's not an excuse for behaving like an asshat.
mickey hines 7
Yeah! It is the airlines fault? Jeeze
Robert Cowling 11
Boo-hoo for crowded planes, but this was likely going to happen even on a near empty flight.

People behaving badly need to realize they really messed up. No flying for 5 years. None.

I'd say suspend her passport, but I'm stunned at how many don't have one, and the choices of destination are kinda limited. I've had, or been on, a passport since I was 4. European residents have a much much higher rate of passports, but you can imagine if each state had separate passport requirements. We'd all have US passports. What a mes that would make...
Robert Cowling 15
Yeah, vote me down.

I flew in April, connecting in DTW, to MCO. DTW was all but deserted! No one, well almost no one, and when I landed in MCO, it felt like a circus. The terminal was nearly full. I was shocked. (So many people want to die?)

The flight out of DTW was still only filling every other seat. The flight back was the first day they flew with 'full' planes. The look on the rubes faces when they landed in DTW for the connector back, and the terminal was literally empty. It was priceless. A couple of the bars were actually closed, and some the rest had wait staff standing in the terminal hoping to entice people to come in and buy booze. (Some even shutdown their 'kitchens' because it just wasn't worth the cost, keeping them running for no one) DTW was quite a change from MCO. DTW: A car could have careened down the terminal and taken out 2, maybe 3 people, th3e whole length. MCO: A car would have probably stopped because of the number of human bodies piled underneath it within the first 5 gates.

I hate masks as much as the other guy, but damn, if the choice is wear a mask and protect myself, and others; or not wear a mask and go to jail: call me silly, but I'll chose actually wearing the mask. I want to either get there, or get home. I don't need some asshole standing up trying to defend me from wearing a mask, and delaying the damn flight. SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!! I WANT TO GO ON VACATION/I WANT TO GO HOME!!!

Pull your hero delusion somewhere else, on someone else's time...
Tom Bruce 1
Hey Robert... right on...for a change...just kidding...maybe
Steven Palmer 4
As a Brit I was completely astounded many years ago when I learnt that about 94% of US citizens do not have a PASSPORT.
Maybe in the UK its perhaps 94% of the population that DO have a PASSPORT
Phillip Moss 6
Why should the vast majority of Americans have a passport when there is the incredible variety of vacation destinations within the U.S.? In the UK, it is almost imperative that one leaves the country to have any sort of variety in travel; especially to warmer climates. I've had a passport since I was a kid and enjoy worldwide travel; but, I cannot fault someone who chooses to only take advantage of the vast travel opportunities the U.S.offers.
waynej007 3
And... your point is?
Alan Dahl 1
This is old news, for various reasons the number of Americans with passports has been going up in recent years. Before the current Covid-caused long renewal waits it was over 48% with some states approaching 70%. Oddly New Jersey seems to have the highest percentage, something that I would not have guessed as they don't border Canada or Mexico.
M.F. LaBoo 1
Well, they can dust them off again because Brexit.
We don't have passports because there is no place better than the U.S.A.
We have freedom to travel within Europe Robert no passport needed. Except for the UK who followed America and voted for freedumm?
patrick baker 1
point has been made in this instance- now get to collecting the money FAA. Someone send her a GReyhound Bus schedule book, if one exists, for that is her domestic travel mode from now on. Liquor sales need not be curtailed aloft if fines continue to be assessed and collected for liquor related misbehavior. I was an airport bartender at Dulles, and we were instructed not to load up passengers prior to fights excessively. That was the relationship between Marriott and the carriers. I made a good living, the passengers could walk a straight line to the boarding gate, usually. This current crop of over-reactors - there is not much training in advance for selfishness, stupidty, political self-entitledness, and gross ignorance. Fines will be educational if used consistently. Being banned from flights will thin the herd of the truly self-entitled.
ko25701 1
Airlines have made it too cheap to fly. People like her used to ride buses or trains.
Dale Ballok 2
Doesn’t matter, and not the point here.
We’re dealing with people who, regardless of sex, color, age, financial status, etc, just feel they don’t need follow the rules of the business they’re dealing with, and a total lack of respect for authority!
Brian Freeman 1
I hope these reporters will write follow-up stories detailing the dollar amount these people actually pay when all is said and done. I guarantee you the true amount paid will be pennies on the dollar, if anything at all. It's completely unrealistic and nothing more than saber rattling by the FAA to think these low lives would even be capable of paying five figure fines. Most of these people don't even have houses or assets that equal that amount the government could seize. Perhaps a lengthy work release program of having them work the lavatory dump out would be more effective punishment...
How about honorary membership to the "no-fly list" club?
George Pepe 1
Yep. Not surprising.
bfcoats2 1
Now come on, folks! Don’t knock on this poor woman. She is obviously a socioeconomicly disadvantaged vape addict who is trying to drown out a bit of “can’t hire a private jet” misery with airplane bottles of liquor. We really should be feeling sorry for her.
murray murray 1
how about naming these idiots , they have been found guilty .let their names be out there so other airlines know who they
I am surprised the airlines have not formed an alliance that provides for a single no-fly list of serious offenders like this idiot. Apart from posing a significant risk to flight safety, ultimately their appalling lack of self-discipline will (as so many have observed) ruin it for all of us. Cabin crew shouldn't be forced into a role of authoritarian policemen for stuff like this. It is much too easy to ban things for all when really its a tiny minority who cause the problems.
bWitch just showing her assssss🤷🏼‍♂️ WCIS ? Like Alan says, “can’t fix stupid” 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Not nearly severe enough. Will it take the loss of an aircraft to get effective sanctions in place?
$17.000.00 for being naughty is a bit much in my estimation.
alex hidveghy 1
You obviously don’t know the rules of flying today! Get educated!
Frank Austin 2
I agree with you although I think a little hard time might be appropriate also.
Peter Ramirez 0
Well, at least the FAA are using this fine monies toward improving aviation airports and systems!
David Beattie 2
Ha! Like that $17K is going to buy a new control tower!
And Santa will fill your stocking.

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Daniel Gless 3
You don't read much do you?

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David Beattie 3
You can’t even spell faux. Please don’t try to rewrite the Constitution.
Robert Cowling -1
HAH! That's the truth.

Ahh, but what people don't realize is that there is an 'out clause' in the US Constitution.

If enough states are ruled by the same party, they can call for a 'constitutional convention', and therefor literally rewrite the Constitution. They can literally KILL Western American Democracy. They can do what they hysterically marched and protested that Obama was trying to do. They can, and were actually PLANNING to do that when their idiot whisperer trump won in 2020. However, he didn't win, and some republicans lost their reelection and elections. The very clear and present danger is that if the GOP is able to gerrymander and steal enough elections in the next 4 years, America could very easily and thoroughly cease to exist.

The new and improved Constitution will be corporate friendly and brutal for poor people and the countries aged. Most of the social programs people depend on to survive will be done away with, wholesale. No Social Security, no Medicare/Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, no EPA, no Departments of Education, Energy, HHS. If they can STEAL THE ELECTION, and declare they Won It All, and destroy the country that made them rich. Print this out, save it, put it somewhere you can find it, because if the GOP 'wins' enough states, the 'ConCon' will be starting within days of the certification of their hard earned thievery. They have never been this close to stealing it all. To destruction of America, and the end of the American Dream. I'm serious, and so are they. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, and the end of a democracy that has tried to support the less fortunate in this once great nation. The 'MAGA' that are supporting them will be the first on the block. Literally helping the GOP steal their country from them. Helping to give it to the dark money groups that seek nothing less than complete control of the country. A new aristocracy, with a razor sharp edge.

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Chuck Lavazzi 10
"I will not fly with a mask on" Then don't fly. You don't have a Constitutional right to a seat on an airline. That's capitalism, bunky.
And RJ200's don't have filters. They are very popular, and are micro-spreaders. If you believe what the industry tells you, you are the kind of person they love. Killing all of the RJ200's would cost the industry billions, but a simple lie costs them nothing.
- are likely micro-spreaders.

I wouldn't ever fly on one. Aside from them being flying city buses, and about as clean as a New York subway car. Yuck...


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