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Passenger aboard Air Antilles AT42 near Saint Martin on Mar 2nd 2011 steals almost $ 250,000 when airborne

A passenger aboard this flight went to the loo and proceeded to disassemble the partitions leading to the cargo hold where bags containing about $ 1.4 million had been placed. He made of with almost quater of a million dollars. Still at large. Probably he saw Di Caprio's film "Catch me if you can". ( More...

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william baker 1
Why are all the comments on this post at 0 lol.
Jeffrey Babey 0
I saw that ingenious is that? I'm not saying it was right or legal but boy it reminds you of the old "To catch a thief" TV show!
Aron Kalebic 0
Quite dumb guy! He leaves too many traces. But I'm glad that he is caught. He want to earn easy money, but fortunately he miserably failed.
Paul Claxon 0
Doesn't anyone wonder why he is gone so long, with our so called Security
Skye777 0
How did he know there was all that money in there in the first place? Pretty cool. But seriously, he dropped some!?
Matt Comerford 0
"Doesn't anyone wonder why he is gone so long, with our so called Security" what are you talking about? "our" security wasn't involved
Paul Claxon 0
You wouldn't apparently understand, Matt
James Scarff 0
Are you saying that because he went in through the bathroom he must have had a no. 2? (Sincere apologies.)
Matt Comerford 0
Hahaha that was good, James!
Ran out of paper?
nheald 0
He must have had at least one co-conspirator, don't you think?
toolguy105 0
I realize the ATR42's cabin is somewhat noisy I wonder how he pr she got away with disassembling the bulk head without anyone hearing, spending the time to so without drawing the attention the time spent in there and last but not least how the tools to do so got on the plane. This was not a one man/women job. Sorry have to be an equal opportunity contributor.
chalet 0
Jetbyrne, indeed they ran out of TP so the guy went to the OH where there was some.
Karla Lickert 0
Scoring some booty while doing his doodie!!! (bad, bad joke)
joefly09 0
now i like chalet comment, and he hit he bullseyes too. my question is how he manage to stay in bathroom that long and exactly how long did it take him to retrieve thsi 250,000. I kid you not it had to be a inside job by the airline employees on that flight.
zulu44 0
Where's this guy from anyway? And what class did he take to attempt this lovely caper??
chalet 0
This got to be an inside job involving a lot of people: firstly the Brinks employee who took the bags from town to the airport; then the bag handlers who loaded them onto the aircraft (perhaps the flight dispatcher himself too). Once on board the flight attendants had to realize that some passenger was spending an inordinate amount of time in the loo. Then the airline's top guy at the Martinique airport who had all the credentials to go to the tarmac, meet the thief and buss him out of there pronto!. Elementary my dear Watson, sincerely Sherlock; cc: Securité Nationale, Scotland Yard, FBI, CIA, Inspecteur Clousseau.
zulu44 0
re chalet's last comment: If there were that many people involved then there was probably not much left per dude to even bother with in this whole scenario and even when you consider the consequences it's not very tempting. Not for that little bit of $. Wonder where he went?
...Anyone recall the movie, "Catch Me,If You Can" ? Sounds like something from that TRUE story. Can you say; "INSIDE JOB" ?
Gavin Maxwell 0
Given the size of an ATR42 cabin and WC, it must have been an "outside job"


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