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Lost autopilot controls--Pilots struggle

Would love to read the final report on this incident. Were there other aircraft issues, or had the pilots lost their skills to fly a plane manually? ( More...

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patrick baker 11
absolutely astonishng.... Flight managers having to be pilots again, and not very good pilots at that. Remembering instrument training, i had to fly one hour sessions, and then longer ones to gain the skill, competence and confidence to smoothly manipulate the controls. Airlines are not eager to mandate manual flying refreshers to keep piloting skills, as that would be a cost not connecting to revenue. Glider flying is a dandy way to keep the feel and the coordination, at little real cost. This revelation happens not often, but it clearly points out the problem of button pushers, auto-pilot watchers, losing their piloting skills, endangering their passengers as well.
Highflyer1950 3
It’s amazing how good you look and accurate you are while hand flying when you have mastered the art of “trimming”!
Robert Cowling -1
Gimly glider?
Patrick Smith said that a copilot he was flying with objected to him hand flying the plane.


And the NTSB has been saying that 'today's pilots depend more on automation than they should'.

I've been on flights where we have a little bit of a roll one way, or the other. No weather is out there that I can see. I used to do the same thing myself in the 172 I was flying. It's fun. We are actually FLYING! It's a thrill. I wish I would have kept it up, but I have severe vertigo. Damn...

Hand Fly The Damn Plane! If you never learn on a stick, that's just lame...
WhiteKnight77 3
Pilots need to know how to fly the plane and not rely on automation.
Roy Hunte 4
Brings some queries about the 737MAX crashes as well.....just sayin....
Yes, but in those cases, the plane was actively working against the pilots, and the manufacturer didn't tell them what was going on. Ooops...
Late thought. I was watching a video of a pilot flying to Miami. He 'kept a hand on the yoke'. Why? The autopilot tends to disconnect during 'bad weather'. Well, isn't that when you need a pilot? Makes sense to me. I remember an IFR approach to RDU, and the plane hit some kind of turbulence, and I was looking out the window straight down at the corn. Okay, today we die? I haven't gotten there yet. Damn...
royalbfh 2
I fly a corporate jet. While I do use the auto pilot I always "guard" the yoke when I am encountering turbulence or if the A/P is flying the approach, just in case it does have an issue, I am ready to take over. This incident is very surprising given the total experience between the Capt and first officer.
Highflyer1950 3
I’m not surprised because these days of Gear up, Flaps up autopilot on and Gear down, Landing Flap and at 200’ Autopilot off leaves very little room for hand flying. Almost 98% of the time the autopilot hands you a perfectly trimmed aircraft and with auto throttle all you have to remember is to flare!
Tim Eichman 1
When driving my wife's minivan, if I use the Adaptive Cruise Control, I still "guard" (as you put it) the fuel pedal.

And when on my motorcycle, the left hand always had two fingers over the clutch lever when it's on the grip... One the first rules I was taught: "cover the controls just in case"
Highflyer1950 2
yup, but I have to say it again, if the aircraft is fighting you and you manage to get it back under some sort of control and it gets away on you again, it’s time to turn off everything and go back to basics. I’m now convinced that even a newbie 737 driver knows all about those two pedestal a/p & trim cut-out switches? MCAS or not.
sharon bias 2
Some cars now offer so much automation that it's scary. Complex entertainment systems: you shouldn't be entertained while driving. You should be driving. Dependence on GPS systems more than your eyes. Crash avoidance systems when you should be looking in your mirrors. I can see this situation in the future: I didn't mean to run over the man and kill him, officer. My crash avoidance system didn't see him.
WhiteKnight77 1
While my truck does have an entertainment system from the factory, you cannot watch movies from it. With fingertip controls on the steering wheel, I can change radio stations, adjust the volume, make phone calls over Bluetooth and see what is behind me with the backup camera. It also allows me to park closer to the center of the parking space over those who just pull in.

I use Google Maps on my phone for GPS if needed. I do not need to watch the phone, just listen, unlike so many people who cannot put the phone down for more than 2 minutes due to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Tic-Tok.

Sadly, there are so may who do drive distracted and fail to just drive their vehicle. It is amazing that there are not more crashes due to it.
rbt schaffer 2
One of my old students flies for a large jet charter company. He likes to sometimes turns off the autopilot and HAND fly the planes. Says it freaks out some of the newbies who ask what he is doing.
Bill Butler 2
An analogy, of sorts. When I'm teaching my grandkids the finer art of driving a car, I will not let them use cruise control. Ever. After I'm satisfied and they have their "ticket", they can/will do what they want. But when I let them go, I'm confident that they could "fly" without the automatics. (Besides, the Cessna I learned on didn't have auto pilot. Or auto anything). :)
Tim Eichman 2
"Klasjet carried out its own probe into the event, noting several aspects in its findings which the Spanish investigators might have addressed with safety recommendations. Given these findings, the inquiry does not believe any further recommendations are necessary." Uh... where the recommendations to have these guys start over again with a Cessna?
Ric Ben 2
Reading the news report it seems there was a lack of CRM as a factor. Luckily, for the crew and passengers, this will not be a episode of Air Disasters.
ADXbear 3
Dam scary. Their training and check rides should all be done manual flying...the comfort provided be seeing a silver haired pilot is quickly disappearing..

These kids must be great at the seat of the pants flying.
Demonstrate all commercial maneuvers including all 3 stall types
Gary Ondrey 1
Are you kidding me? These guys should be flying a desk, not an aircraft. I am shocked that pilots haven't woken up to the fact that they rely WAY too much on automation and many have forgotten how to fly. What's next, fly automated basic training aircraft ? If only Clyde Cessna could witness what's going on. I guess declaring an emergency for this, says it all


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