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RyanAir to shut down temporarily

Ryanair has announced it is likely to ground “most, if not all” flights sooner than expected, and it will be before the end of the month. Europe’s biggest budget airline originally said it would be forced to cancel most services in April and May, but has now confirmed that schedules could be pared down to nothing by 24 March. From this date, Ryanair says it expects that the vast majority if not all of Ryanair Group flights will be grounded, barring a very small number of flights to maintain… ( 更多...

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John Slater 8
No loss to the avaition community, that they have ridden 'rough shod' over for years.
Ian Hooper 7
I for one won't lose any sleep about that. Next thing is that they'll be applying to the government for a cash handout. Why don't they just go to the bank and draw on their savings like we have to.
greg presley 3
I never see this company in the most loved companies list... They were a boon to Boeing for sure!
Alex Green 2
It is very simplistic to say that you won't miss Ryanair. Certainly, the MD does not go out to endear himself (although even he is mellowing), but one man and his incredible business techniques have built up an enormous airline making good profits whilst providing services to varied and useful destinations. He has had the courage to expand to numerous European hubs away from his native Ireland and provided thousands of jobs within his airline business and also in back up industries servicing his fleet. He has bought hundreds of aeroplanes and run an entirely safe and very punctual network. His techniques were copied from American airlines but he has enabled others to follow in Europe such as Easyjet and Wizz, both of which are also profitable and successful.
He is not in business to be popular but I for one admire his management expertise and I wish him and the thousands of employees that rely on him the very best of luck during these terrible times.
Just watch out for his enterprising cheap offers to recover his business when is able to.
I have no connection whatsoever with Ryanair and last used them about 5 years ago, but I still admire the management techniques and results.
greg presley 3
You are very right. The man is an example for a lot of business practice
But as you say he has not done so to be loved and that is where it makes it difficult for a company to survive if a lot of customers are reluctantly using your services because they don’t have other choices.
Martin Dennett 0
He has bought hundreds of aeroplanes and run an entirely safe and very punctual network.

Really? A flight that arrives within 15 minutes of the published ETA is classed as "on time". Wouldn't mind betting that some ETAs have been mysteriously put back to maintain this.

As for safety, two things: One (can't find a link) - Ryanair flies (flew?) a route between Brussels and, I believe, one of the Canary Islands. Twice in very quick succession the flight had to divert to an airport on the Spanish mainland because of fuel shortages. The airport in question (again, can't remember which one) brought it to the attention of the authorities who warned O'Leary to make sure that there was enough unleaded in the tanks to get to the destination with the required holding and diversion reserves.

Two: I live just under 4 miles DME from Liverpool airport. The number of Ryanair flights that go past my window with the landing gear still retracted is a lot more than there should be. Why are they doing "drag reduction" so close to landing? Could it be that they've only got just about enough fuel to taxi to stand?


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