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New F-35 fighters developing cracks

A variant of the F-35 fighter designed by Lockheed-Martin is developing cracks. Sounds like their management took classes from Boeing. Just make a little change to the plane so it has more capabilities, and no one will notice the difference. Don't need to go through all that pesky testing again. Our tax dollars at work. ( 更多...

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stratofan 7
It sounds like the Boeing haters are at it again. All, repeat all aircraft have problems when a new design change is made. Even the A380 super jumbo developed cracks in the tail area when new. If Boeing is so bad then why is the B-52 still the USA front line heavy bomber after all these years? Rest easy, the glitches will be corrected in the F-35 before long.
Kind of like the incidents where the A380 overwing doors cracked and skin peeled off.....
JJ Johnson 3
I served on the B-52 in the Air Force and yes it is one hell of a airframe and one of the best planes Boeing ever built along with the 707. But I don't think it is front line bomber anymore it appears it is used more in a stand off or symbolic role kind of like America's Thors Hammer. The whole world knows what the B-52 is. Those B-2's in Missouri are the death from above platforms now but they are stealthy and don't get much publicity. Night owl operator.
Chips in the paint, developing cracks. Six of one, half dozen of another. Sounds like you took classes from MH370.

Thanks for the update, Shuram Biased.
Don't feed the trolls at defence connect dot com.
The cracks are found in the coating (paint) on the aircraft, not structural cracks.
Depending on who you talk to, either the ac carries 181 or 220 rounds of ammo on a four or five barrel platform. I guess it shoots its load pretty quick and at 3300 rounds per minute that’s about 3 or 4 seconds to empty?
That is why the pilot only gets 10 round bursts.
Like I stated, at 55 rounds per second its done in 3 to 4 seconds. However, I can’t find any info where the pilot can operate the gun in 1/4 of a second intervals? But I could be wrong.

I remember as a kid when we were gifted a semi-auto 22 long rifle gun. I thought it was cool, but knew it could be expensive.

We went out with dad and three bricks of ammo. My brother was so happy, and three minutes later, we were done.

He was bummed. I laughed my butt off. Semi-auto weapons are made to sell ammo. :-D I can imagine the cost of a full auto gun. BIG money...

Snarky summary.
Tom Bruce 1
it's taken what? 15 years to get this thing into service? the Russians and Chinese know everything about it by now... and it still hasn't been able to meet requirements... Lockheed and the Air Force tried to get too much into this bird that started out as a "low cost-stealthy-replacement for F16"
Po Lau 1
Progress doesn't mean compliance/success, and yes, as we're getting older, we all knew aiming is not our strength :-), so there you go, following is an exerpt of that one page news I think is the topic should be about: "cracks...near the 25mm gun muzzle OF THE F-35A VARIANT...the accuracy of the gun...made progress with changes to the gun installation, boresight processes, and hardware..."
Tom Bruce 1's taken them 15 years to test the gun... what the hell's going on with that??
I can't remember who said it, but 'If we spend more on weapons, we don't get better weapons, we get more expensive weapons'.

The current occupant of the White House showered the DOD with more money, and the Military Industrial Complex was joyous. They get more money, and that money can go to politicians that back their industry.

Oh, in case you are thinking this is 'racketeering', the Congress exempted themselves from the RICO Act. They can racketeer until the cows come home, and nothing happens...
Don Quixote 0
Trump 2020!


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