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Flights Diverted as New Delhi Chokes on Heavy Pollution

Flights to and from New Delhi's international airport were delayed and diverted on Sunday as pollution reached "unbearable" levels, leaving the Indian capital blanketed with heavy smog. Visibility was so poor that 37 flights -- including at least one international journey -- were diverted from the city's Indira Gandhi International Airport, a senior airport official told CNN. ( More...

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the pictures shown of the pollution in the air in new delhi are awful! I remember pictures of los angles in some earlier years,before california enacted a lot of environmental laws,where the air looked lie that..i also remember visiting grand canyon once several years back, and off in the distance seeing brownish clouds..i asked the park ranger about that and he actually told me that was visible air pollution from los angeles!all living creatures need clean,unpolluted air to breathe,and it appears india is not addressing a truly serious problem..
The brown cloud was probably from Las Vegas - doubt it was from L.A..
Gary Ondrey 4
Maybe this smog will choke all the telemarketers that constantly disrupt my life. Good place for it. Couldn't happen in a better place
Silent Bob 10
Maybe little Greta should take a bus trip to New Delhi and lecture them on climate change eh!
Kobe Hunte -7
Yeah good idea.... I think she will have an heart attack when she sees New Delhi at the rate she is going with other countries!
pilotjag -5
*a heart attack...
Kobe Hunte -4
yeah "a" heart attack. Thanks for the correction.

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HAHAHA... Where are the Leftist PROTESTERS??? You never see them where the ISSUE really is!
Really? This is not SMOG of Biblical proportions. This does not look any different than Los Angeles in the 50's. I remember not being able to see across the street back then. If LA can lessen it's SMOG, so can New Delhi. Fortunately for LA, the airport is at the beach and the off shore breeze made landing tolerable.
lecompte2 3
When you have millions of people cooking tea and food on the street using dried cow pies. The smell is overwhelming as you descend through the inversion layer at around 10K feet in winter. And of course all these tuk tuks must add quite a bit to the mixture.
Dried cow pies - they're burning F-35s?!
john doe 2
Who's going to tell each of these Indians, seemingly on the verge of joining the glamorous, industrialized world seen on TV, and getting their very own automobile, that it's a bad idea? "Hang onto that bicycle, there's a good fellow."

Then how about the auto mfgs that plan to make a fortune selling said cars?

And finally... repeat that message in China.
Alan Hume 2
Or ... they could just stop Exec Jets coming in. It seems that according to UK Labour they are the culprits! Ha, ha, ha!
jmilleratp 2
Since we got rid of our British oppressors, it is hard to say this, but India should have kept Britain there. That was their one link to civilization.
Alex Boyd 4
Like many Countries that kicked the Brits out, if not like India. They have civil wars, starvations, warlords, the horrors are endless. They all preached how once the Brits were gone, they would prosper?
mikeenderle 1
Colonialism started looking pretty good after it ended. South Africa, Zimbabwe, India... Hell add Hong Kong to the list.
Dave Mathes 1
.....someday, someone's going to step up and say "there's something wrong with this picture"......
Highflyer1950 1
Same thing every year!
I remember flying in Los Angeles Basin in the 70's when we use to have IFR Smog Conditions all the time. With roll back of the vehicle environmental standards currently underfoot by the administration in Washington DC I suspect we will see those days return.
But the news tells me it's America's fault. I'm confused ...
Hahaha....this is such a funny article following the IATA thread above.
ThePumpkin -9
Unbelievable that in this modern day this problem still exists. You can blame a big chunk of it on idiots like Trump who have absolutely no respect for the environment and only care about the almighty buck. Pathetic...
Alex Boyd 8
Now it’s Trumps fault for air pollution in India, you are an idiot for saying something like that. Talk to the leaders in India where the problem is you fool.
gerardo godoy 4
You must be Moron!!!!..Trump is not the President of India, Man you are a Fool...CNN Supporter.
Gary Ondrey 2
You are the pathetic one. Get a life and a grip on reality. Trump to blame ?? You are the idiot
lecompte2 -3
Diverting from Delhi is not easy with a heavy jet because Pakistani airports could be risky for your Indu passengers.


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