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Thai Airways Boeing 777 Suffers "Uncontained Engine Failure" In Bangkok

Several flight monitoring blogs, including Air Live, FlyerTalk, and Simply Flying, have reported that a Thai Air Boeing 777-300ER suffered an "uncontained failure" of its left engine while taking off at Suvarnabhumi Airport ( 更多...

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Ken McIntyre 5
Uncontained is an understatement on this one.
sharon bias 1
If one is paying attention (and those who read this web site are) you will know that an awful lot of aircraft incidents involve engine problems. GE, P&W, and RR all have their issues. It's pretty scary that so many long haul aircraft have only 2 engines. If you have an engine failure over the Pacific, you're pretty much out of luck finding a place to land. I sure hope that it doesn't take a catastrophe with an engine failure to bring attention to this problem.
Ken McIntyre 1
I suppose eventually that will happen. But most of these incidents happen at takeoff. Very rare during cruise. I'll take my chances and fly to Australia next week; life's a gamble, anyway.
ffrcobra1 1
Looks like this incident resulted in the FAA issuing an emergency AD. It only applies to 8 individual engines
bentwing60 1
That's a T wheel pop in any maintenance book. And nothing will contain a T wheel pop, nor a complete Fan, front frame failure! GE and Boeing upper management have been clinking champagne glasses for years and P&W, RR are not far behind. The unsustainable growth in the industry, hubris, 0% interest rate, hubris, new and infallible technology, hubris, and backlog for aircraft that will never be delivered has delivered, the most unreliable engines ever, from all three. And yet, no ETOPs questions? Vote how you like, I'm in MH territory, but I won't be on one of those 19 hour flights that are etops, at least once, if not twice. Astros in 6.


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