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Spirit's new strategy: Be a less terrible airline

When low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines begins new service from Hollywood Burbank Airport to Las Vegas later this month, passengers may be surprised to find the carrier do something it hasn't been known for: Arrive on time. And when the Florida-based carrier lands in Sin City, the chances that Spirit fliers will file a complaint about the service will be much lower than in the past. The carrier that shook the airline industry a dozen years ago with its ultra low-cost fares and high fees has… ( 更多...

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patrick baker 4
rotten concept, rotten execution, overcrowded seating, confusing final total for flight costs,high
degree of customer "survice???" indifference. Needs more than new mouthwash and a change of deoderant to remedy this mess. Lets see how many more seats they cram into the A200'S than the swiss airline or the baltic airline does. That will be a clue to their real thinking.
Roy Corrales 2
Never had issues with Spirit the few times I've traveled with them but yet... all US carriers (low and std cost) need to understand that there is always room to improve, specially regarding to client service.
matt jensen 2
Second only to Allegiant


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