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Offutt AFB flood damage est. at $420m

March flooding on the Missouri River brought historic damage to the entire region south of Omaha, NE ( More...

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The silver lining in this: Some of the damage done was to areas already slated for repair. For example, runway 12/30 and adjacent taxiways were already slated to be torn up and rebuilt, with funds already earmarked for it. The buildings next to them would also need to come down. The flooding there only highlighted the problem.

Also, this could have been much worse; thankfully the USAF fleet there moved all operations to KLNK and have set up temporary shop there with Nebraska's ANG for the duration of the construction, and that was done well and truly prior to any flooding.
SmokedChops 1
thank you for the update! I have family that served at Offutt near the end of the SAC days. I have camped at the little county park right on the river just outside the southeast perimeter. Hope they get it squared away!
WhiteKnight77 3
I have fond memories of living at Offutt after returning from Japan before my Pops went TDY to Thailand. Wherry Housing overlooks the flightline and as a kid watching the British Vulcan bomber that was stationed there fly the pattern, sometimes with the bomb bay door open from the hill behind our housing unit was a blast. Hearing protection? What hearing protection? We had fun camping and fishing at the base lake as well. The Looking Glass aircraft were always taking off and landing.

Offutt has been the target of Mother Nature in the past as well. As we were getting ready for a vacation, we kids were in bed when a thunderstorm came through with a tornado warning. My Pops had gone up the hill to see what he could see (it was still light out) and saw the tornado cutting across the Capehart Housing off base. It cut across the base upturning 100+ year old oaks and demolished the guard shack at the back gate as well as other damage. The good thing is that no aircraft at the air museum at the back gate were damaged although, the B-36 apparently tried to fly by itself.
Larry Toler 2
I didn't know the RAF had a Vulcan stationed there. Those were a sight to see. I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall from 1990 to '92. Every year over Memorial Day weekend we would have our Air Fete. I did get to see the last one fly before the RAF finally retired them. Unfortunately some time after 9/11 the USAF or USAFE did away with Air Fete.
WhiteKnight77 2
This was the early 70s. We arrived at Offutt in 1970, just after I turned 9 I believe it was. Once Pops went TDY, we had to move off base as at that time, families were not allowed to stay on base if the military member was out of the States more than 6 months. How long the Vulcan was there, I cannot say, but it was there the entire year we lived on base.
Dan Brink 2
Its been a rough couple years for the Air Force. The hurricanes in Florida that destroyed Hurlbert Field and the mass destruction of Eglin AFB. Now the floods in the north central. We can only wonder whats gonna happen next.
WhiteKnight77 1
Langley AFB suffered damage when Hurricane Isabel hit the east coast. With the base practically facing the Chesapeake Bay, it will happen. Shortly after we arrived there from Offutt, a bad rainstorm flooded the LTA area with water overflowing the curbing. The good thing is the AF is looking at ways to prevent flood damage as seen in the following articl's video. Maybe other Air Force bases could adopt such measures as well.
The problem with KOFF is its physical location. It’s tucked in the corner of the meeting of 2 rivers, one of which is prone to flooding due to how flat it is. And when the approach end of runway 30 basically kisses the river, it becomes a systemic problem every year. They can’t really move the AFB because of SAC or STRATCOM or whatever they renamed themselves, so they need to figure out something.
WhiteKnight77 1
It is difficult to move any air field due to space requirements. With the amount of encroachment (NAS Oceana is a classic case, as well as Futenma MCAS on Okinawa) bases have, or rather end up with, finding a place to put one means out in the sticks somewhere again and such places will have environmental concerns to worry about.
James Simms 2
First tornadoes & now floods
Happens to us all the time. I'm born/raised in Omaha. We either drought one year, or flood the next. And it doesn't matter which year for Tornados; that's the risk from living in Tornado Alley.

I'm just glad that they didn't do to the icepacks along the Platte and Elkhorn rivers what they did in 1992: Blow them up. And yes, they did that.

The problem? The Nemaha Fault Line starts in mid-central Oklahoma, and continues basically in a straight line up to the mouth of the Platte River, where it meets the Missouri River; 10 miles south of Offutt AFB. At the time of that dynamite blast to blow up the ice that jammed the rivers, that fault line was 185 years overdue for going off.

It still hasn't gone off yet.


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